Bringing back Rain

"Go home girl." My smile vanished when he mentioned home. No way was I going back there. He narrowed his eyes in frustration.
"If your a prostitute, I'm not interested." Now I was offended.
"I'm not a prostitute you asshole!" My jeans weren't even that tight.

A girl trying to survive the hell that is her life and a boy who could make everything better... or way worse.


15. F I F T E E N | Tears and Coffee

I woke up because someone was pulling me closer to himself. There was a second or so in which I panicked before recognizing the shirtless body next to me as Nathan's. His arm was around me in an almost protective manner and he was still asleep. He looked almost peaceful that way. Just looking at his face - his lips in particular - made me think back to the night before. I felt my cheeks turning red and almost giggled. It's not like we did anything bad, we just kissed. But damn, it felt incredible to kiss Nathan. Apparently, incredible enough to convince me to get in the same bed with him. 
Only then did I become aware of how exposed I was. Nathan had given me an oversized t-shirt of his to sleep in but it had ridden up and was exposing my thighs and parts of my stomach. I wriggled around trying to pull it back down. My movement ended up waking Nathan who seemed pretty amused by the situation as soon as he was properly awake. Fortunately the alarm went off before he could do or say anything else. 
✽ ✽ ✽
Nathan refused to let me walk to school so I had to get on his motorcycle again. I complained a bit but even I could see that I wasn't really making much effort to plead my case. I didn't really hate the idea of being close to him again and had to admit that I kind of liked being on a motorcycle. However, I completely forgot that coming to school on a motorcycle wasn't really as discrete as walking and especially not when the other person with you was Nathan, the notorious Badboy. The realization hit me when we where a block away from the school and I immediately pulled on Nathan's jacket to signal to him to stop. 
"What's wrong?", he semi-yelled over the wind back to me to.
"Let me off! We're almost at school!" I yelled back. 
"So what? Let them stare." And with that he accelerated and we arrived in the parking lot, definitely way over the speed limit. And of course I had been right: everyone - and I mean everyone - on the parking lot was staring at us. You'd think high school students would have better things to do with their time than staring at a boy and a girl arriving to school on a motorcycle but nope. Apparently that was a sensation that couldn't be missed. To make things even worse, Nathan took the helmet from me and slung his arm around my shoulder. Immediately, I pulled back but he just held me tighter. I could practically feel his smirk. 
"Rain!" Kasey was half walking, half running towards me, eying Nathan with suspicion. 
"Hey!" I greeted her back trying to communicate somehow that I'd explain everything to her later. In some sort of weird miracle, she actually seemed to get the message. 
"Guess what? Ivy asked me out yesterday!" Kasey beamed and even Nathan couldn't stop her from gushing about her date with Ivy yesterday. I guess not everyone had had a shitty day.
"Finally! I am so happy for you two!" I jumped towards her and hugged her, ignoring Nathan for the time being. 
"Isn't Ivy your fake sister?" Nathan questioned. This was all Kasey needed to openly stare at him, shock and confusion written all over her face. 
"Um… yeah." 
"Fake sister? Am I missing something here?"
"No, your not, I promise I'll explain everything to you later."
"Hmph. You better." And with that she went back to telling me all about the great movie they watched and how Ivy and her went on a walk afterwards and how they had held hands and how she had mustered up the courage and kissed Ivy goodbye. And how after that she ended up staying at Ivy's house and how great everything was. By the end of it all I was genuinely smiling and incredibly happy. I wanted to tell Kasey everything about the kiss I had had yesterday but just before I could, I remembered Nathan was still standing next to me, his arm once again around my waist, something that Kasey hadn't failed to notice. 
"What class do you have now?" Nathan asked me, his lips way closer to my ear than necessary. Of course Kasey took note of that as well. 
"I'll walk you there." 
"No, it's fine, I can get there on my own. And anyways, I have Kasey."
"Don't even start. I can walk to my own fucking classes just fine."
He sighed. "Fine. How are you getting home after school." 
The way he said "home" like it was my home as well made me blush. "I know where it is, I'll get there. Don't you dare wait for me, I have other things to do." Nathan only smirked. Even though he didn't exactly contradict me I still didn't feel like I had any kind of authority in this conversation, which was driving me mad and amusing Nathan greatly. 
"See you later." The smirk was still on his face as he kissed my cheek goodbye. Kasey's eyes turned round in surprise and my head was definitely a bright red when we walked away. 
As soon as we were out of earshot Kasey practically exploded. "What was that?! You and Nathan? Since when? And why is he talking about you getting home? As in his and your home? As in same place? Please tell me you didn't run off and get married and bought a house together and didn't even invite me to the wedding!" 
I couldn't really tell if she was being serious or not but I decided to interrupt her all the same. Ivy would kill me if her new girlfriend would die of a heart attack because of me. "Calm down, will you? I'm just kinda… staying at his house at the moment. I'll explain this better when we meet up with Ivy. And we aren't together or anything, we just… well… kissed last night…"
"You looked like a couple to me. And I guess to the rest of the school as well." Great. Just great. That was exactly what I needed. A stupid rumor of me and Nathan being together. I had been so good at being invisible… guess that wasn't an option anymore.
✽ ✽ ✽
"You live with… are you fucking kidding me? The criminal? Seriously?" Ivy looked at me as if I was completely insane. Which, to be fair, I might as well could be. It would almost be scary but not even Ivy could manage that while having her arm wrapped around Kasey's back, who was cuddling against her. It was so cute, I could just barely stop gushing over how perfect they were and remember to stay semi-serious. We were sitting in a small, but really nice cafe, that was somehow almost completely empty.
"It's a long story. And it won't work out anyways. I'll live with him until you get your own place and then I'll take you up on that offer of yours. I'll pay rent too, don't worry." 
"Fuck rent. You can stay with me for free if you want."
"Um… you can obviously stay at my house to if you need to, I'm just not sure if my… parents would approve. I can smuggle you in anytime though. But why can't you stay at your house?" Kasey looked almost afraid to ask and Ivy looked at me concerned. I was about to make up some wild story about my mom being on a business trip in the Sahara and some lions who wanted to kidnap me and take me to her… just more believable obviously. 
But something stopped me. It was probably completely insane that I somehow ended up with friends and a maybe-boyfriend-person-relationship-questionmark-situation within a week or so and I somehow already trusted them as well but I did and it felt wrong lying. So obviously the next best thing was… telling the damn truth from beginning to end without leaving anything beginning from when I could remember it all starting up to me and Nathan making out on his bed the night before. When I was finished I was crying - again, this really needed to stop - and Kasey and Ivy had stood up and now sat next to me hugging me but also crying. I'm pretty sure the shop owner didn't appreciate the scene we were making but I couldn't care less in that moment. 
Finally Ivy spoke. "I guess Nathan doesn't sound like the _worst_ guy you could have chosen. I'll have to meet him of course but he seems like someone worth giving a chance." She said it as if she had some kind of obligation to look out for me which only made me cry harder. 
"I am so sorry I never… o god, I actually believed some of the rumors about you. Everyone could see and no one… I'm sorry. Really." Kasey was crying more now too, which left Ivy to hug and comfort both of us even though her face was tear-streaked as well.
"This is such a mess." I chocked out with a bit of laughter, not knowing whether I meant us in that shop, my situation or just everything as a whole. 
"We'll figure it out. Just promise me you'll never go back there." Ivy said with a stern voice.
"I promise. Except for later today, I have to get some clothes."
"No you're not. We are going shopping tomorrow and if you need anything else out of there, I'll get it myself. You are not going back in there. End of conversation."
I decided that, for now, I could live with that decision


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