Bringing back Rain

"Go home girl." My smile vanished when he mentioned home. No way was I going back there. He narrowed his eyes in frustration.
"If your a prostitute, I'm not interested." Now I was offended.
"I'm not a prostitute you asshole!" My jeans weren't even that tight.

A girl trying to survive the hell that is her life and a boy who could make everything better... or way worse.


11. E L E V E N | Hold on tight cupcake

"Do you know him?" Nathan's eyes had a murderous glint to them as he asked the question. I had calmed down enough to talk without crying. My eyes where undoubtedly red and puffy but I didn't have the strength left to care. We were still sitting on the sidewalk but now there was enough distance between us to make it possible for me to look him in the eyes. I hate to admit it but all I wanted in that moment was cuddle back in his protective, comforting arms. 
"No. But he knows me." I answered honestly, my voice hoarse from all the crying.
"Did he… do anything to you?" He wanted to know if this man had hit or raped me. This time I couldn't look him in the eyes when I answered. 
"No." Nathan looked immensely relieved but his murderous expression still remained. If only he knew… 
"I shouldn't have let him get away. If I ever see him again, I swear he'll regret ever even looking at you." It was obvious that he meant it. I was confused by his anger. Sure, that man was horrible but since when did Nathan actually care about what happened to me? I was still thinking, my brows furrowed, when I realized he had asked me something.
"Sorry, what?" A grin broke through his otherwise grim face. 
"I asked you where you lived. We can't sit on the sidewalk all day." 
"None of – ", I paused. He wouldn't accept that answer and also he just probably saved my life. But there was no way I would tell him where I lived. 
"Rose Street number 22." As soon as the words left my lips I knew this was going to be bad. Nathan looked a bit confused but he didn't question me. He stood up and held out his hand to help me get up. I took it and was basically catapulted into his arms. 
                            ✽ ✽ ✽ 
It was only when he walked towards his motorcycle that I realized what was happening. 
"Uh-uh, there is no way in hell I am getting on that thing." With you, I added in my mind. 
"Unless you want to run next to me you will." The cocky side of him was slowly climbing back to the surface and I already missed the Nathan he had been just minutes ago.
I crossed my arms in defiance. "Nope. Not going to happen. End of conversation." 
"You're cute when you're like that", Nathan says, "but if you don't come over here I'll carry you." When I just stood there and continued to look at him challenging – well as challenging as you can look when you're just over five feet tall and have, red swollen eyes – he took a step towards me. 
"Fine!" I held up my arms in defeat. "But if you kill me, I swear I'll haunt you till the end of your days." For some reason, Nathan didn't seem impressed. He just held out a helmet for me to take. "Where's your helmet?" I asked, when another didn't magically appear. 
"It's in your hand." His damn smirk was driving me crazy! 
"No way. You can't drive without a helmet. That's not safe." I tried giving him back his helmet but of course he didn't budge. 
"Just get on the bike. I promise it'll be fine." He was already on the motorcycle and was now looking at me expectantly. Taking a deep breath, I hesitantly put on the helmet and climbed onto the motorcycle behind him. 
I nearly got a heart attack when he grabbed my arms and pulled me closer towards him. "Hold on tight cupcake." 
Before I could protest against the nickname he started the engine and I held onto him like my life depended on it. 
                            ✽ ✽ ✽ 
Nathan clearly knew what he was doing but he was going fast. Thankfully he was within the speed limit although I had a feeling that he didn't usually do that. After a while I relaxed my grip on him a bit and only then I realized that I actually liked it. I laughed underneath my helmet and enjoyed the wind tearing at my clothes. I felt free somehow, like nothing and no-one that made my life so fucked up could reach me. 
At least that was how I felt until Nathan took a sharp turn and I felt like I was about to die again. Now it was Nathan's turn to laugh and I felt his whole body vibrate. As soon as I had recovered enough I let go of him with one of my arms and hit his shoulder which only made him laugh harder. 
In no time I began to recognize the area and reality hit me again. How was I going to explain this. Nathan stopped his motorcycle and I got off with shaky legs. 
"Thanks for the ride. And for… everything else." I turned around, hoping he would just leave but I could hear him getting of his bike behind me. 
"Is anyone home? It probably wouldn't be a good idea to leave you alone right now." The skepticism in his voice was pretty obvious. He didn't believe that I really lived here. He was right, but still. 
"It's fine. And anyway I'm not alone. Really, you can leave now." I practically begged but he walked up to the front door with me. I had no other choice than to ring the doorbell.
"You don't have your keys?" Nathan asked me in disbelief. 
"I forgot them this morning." I muttered, hoping he wouldn't ask further questions. 
The door opened and my shoulders sagged in relief. Ivy stood at the door looking at me in schock. 
"Rain! What the hell happened?" She looked at me then at Nathan. "And who is this?" 
"This is Nathan. He… helped me get home." Ivy's eyebrows shot up when I said home but she didn't say anything. I turned to face Nathan who was eying Ivy skeptically. "Thanks again. I'll see you at school?" Actually, I didn't want to see him at school but I needed him to leave before he recognized my lie.
"You will. Bye cupcake." Then he turned to Ivy who was to confused to actually ask any questions. "You should look out for Rain a bit more. She's got a talent for getting into trouble." Ivy just nodded. 
As soon as Nathan drove off I pulled Ivy inside her house and closed the door. 
"Rain! What is going on?" She was still confused but now that Nathan was gone she was focusing more on my tear streaked face. 
"Could we maybe go into your room?" I didn't want to make a big deal out of everything but I also didn't want Ivy's parents to witness the whole thing. 
                            ✽ ✽ ✽ 
I told Ivy as much as I could without mentioning anything about my crappy home and mom. Just talking about it made me shake again but I was determined not to cry. Ivy however was actually crying and once I had told her everything she pulled me towards her and hugged me like you might hug a teddybear. 
"I'm so glad Nathan was there. If something had happened… oh my god and he knows your name…" She hugged me tighter. 
After a while she pulled away from me a bit and asked"Why did Nathan bring you here though?" 
I had been dreading the question but I had known it was going to come up soon. "I guess I just didn't want him to know where I lived." The answer sounded fake, even to myself. Ivy just waited for me to try again. "My home… isn't exactly a place I want anyone to see." 
"Why not?" Ivy furrowed her eyebrows. 
"My mom, she's, well, …" I couldn't. If Ivy found out what I'd been hiding my entire life everything would be ruined. My mom was a horrible person but I could never do anything to get her arrested or charged with child abuse or child neglect. Even though that was definitely what she deserved. 
"I understand that I've only known you for a few days and that you probably don't want to tell me all the problems you have in your life but, please, if you're in danger tell me. Or, never mind, just stay here whenever you want. I'll move into the apartment soon, you're welcome to join." She smiled faintly when I wrapped my arms around her. A tear spilled onto my cheek but this time it wasn't from  fear or helplessness. 
"Do you want to stay here tonight?" Ivy asked. I realized that this was the second time today I was just sitting with someone I had only known for a few days crying, while they assured me everything was going to be alright.
I nodded in answer and not even half an hour later we were both sitting on Ivy's bed, watching funny, lighthearted movies and laughing about the stupidest jokes until late into the night. 

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