What happens next?

I hate life but he opens my eyes to see that I might be ok Theresa is a normal teenage outcast she only sticks with her friend Katie but will he pull her out of her shell?


1. introducing me

I feel the sun warm my skin slowly. i enjoy the green grass around me as the birds chirp the wind blows as my hair goes with it. “THERESA GET YOUR ASS UP!” Yells my annoying foster mom. “I am!” I yell back. As you heard my name is Theresa Benninghoven yes I know long last name a a little bit about me is that I’m going into my junior year of high school. Kinda scared for how the assholes called my class mates will say this year. Anyways I’m 16 I have dark blonde hair with blue eyes I do Irish dance get average grades except I’m in all the sped classes which is normal since I’ve been in them my whole life. I’m the only girl in my all of my classes because of the special learning program it’s pretty cool but it’s also so the bitches is the school to target me. They say u take 15 at once today tree whore yes they call me tree whore ugh I hate them so freaking much! Anyways my life is pretty boring until they came to the school......

😂Katie😍- yo I’m coming to get u in like 1 hour so be ready bitch

Me-ok hoe 😂

Don’t worry that’s my best-friend Katie yes she calls me bitch and I call her hoe it’s normal for us to do that but we normally just stick together most of the time she has more friends however I don’t.

I grab my towel off my door knob and go to the bathroom and turn the shower on and lock the door.(I lock the door because there’s no such thing called privacy in this freaking house!) I’m not joking no time to yourself at all!

I grab my phone and but Panic!At The Diso on at full blast so that I don’t here the shit that comes out of her mouth. I stood in the shower and wondered if my parents kept me would I have a better life? I snap out of it and finish my shower and brush my teeth and wash my face. I run back to my room go to my closet and try and pick between two shirts my black nirvana crop top with my high wasted ripped jeans with converse or my red tight crop top and my black leggings with converse. I chose my red top outfit. Curled my hair did a wing put my mascara on and put a nude lipstick on and put my nose ring in and grabbed my bag.

😂Katie😍- u ready bitch I’m here

Me-yes hoe be out in 1

I grab an apple and leave before my mother cough cough monster could stop me

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