I have the same story on my wattpad but this will be different from the other one bit of you prefer to read that version you can.


3. waking up

I woke up in an unfamiliar room with a wet warm towel on my forehead. I turned around to see April "April." I tried sitting up but I couldn't, I looked up at the handcuffs that are cuffed to me and the bed. She's scared of me and wants answers "are you ok?" I asked she kept her distance "I'm fine but you took most of the beating I should be asking you that." I chuckled "I save you from something that was about to kill you then you save me and yet you have me handcuffed. You're afraid you can ask questions." She took a deep breath "who and what are you?" I told her the same thing I tell people that I save "I don't know who or what I am. I don't know where I came from, all I know is that I was raised by a random family." Her eyes softened "you don't have a family?" My emotion didn't change "no" "you seem ok about this." I sat up rubbing my wrists "well I'm used to it" she gapped at what I did "what you'll have known that would happen figuring I showed what I was capable of on the roof. Anyways thanks for saving me." She pulled out my bag and pulling out my musical box. "What's this?" I snatched it away"don't touch it!" My eyes glowed red and I shook it away "sorry, this is a musical box my adopted mother gave to me she never told me where she got it but the Tune sounded familiar. You want to listen to it? It's a really beautiful tune." She nodded and I opened the box. The music started to play. "it is beautiful, what if your real mother gave it to your adopted mother? She probably sang the song to you before giving you a new life or family. Thats why you're so attached to it. " I smiled "that's a nice thought but no. You could be right but I think about that right now." I hummed the tune "you have a beautiful voice." I blushed "thank you" I started singing the song. "Sleep my little star don't you dare cry wipe away your tears as I sing this lullaby. I'll be with you when you dream; hush now my baby star don't you cry wipe away your tears and remember this tune. My little star please remember me for I'm the one who gave you life."

I looked up to see April crying "you're crying, why?" I wiped her tears away "it's sad, the fact this song was made specifically for you to remember and have a piece of what's missing in your life with you." I shrugged closing the box "I don't think it's sad." My eyes went back to purple, my hair all black, tail, wings disappeared and my ears transformed into normal human ears. "Why did you save me back there? You could have let them kill me but you didn't. My team bullies you all that time and yet you saved me." I kissed her forehead and I watched as a black heart formed "what was that for?" She rubbed at it but it won't come off "it's to protect you, when ever you're in danger I can always find you." I smiled when she blushed "but why me?" I patted her head "I saved you way too many times so now I have to keep an eye on you. Of course you would t remember because I took away your memories of me. Also you're different from the other girls at your school you need to stand up for yourself. I'll see you tomorrow at school."

"Mother, Father?" I was engulfed in a hug "oh sweetie we were worried, who did you save and what happened to you?" I sat at the table eating what mother cooked me. "I saved a girl from from some weird shadow attacked her but she's safe. Then she saved me recognizing who I was, then she handcuffed me but of course handcuffs don't work on me." My mother played with my hair, she does that when she's scared or nervous "I'm glad you're ok." Kyle came down disappointed that I'm here still here "I thought you were dead sadly you're still alive." Kyle is captain of the football team at our school and is dating the captain of the cheerleader squad. "Nice to see you too." I tell him plainly "Kyle you need to respect your sister and be glad she's even alive. If she wasn't the things she fight will destroy everything we care about." Kyle rolled his eyes but I didn't care "I'll be in my room."

I sat on my bed thinking about the conversation I had with April and smiled she will be perfectly fine as long as she stands up for her self. I can see the future but I always look at the possibilities.

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