I have the same story on my wattpad but this will be different from the other one bit of you prefer to read that version you can.


1. Sky

I sat in the cafeteria alone no one to talk to but myself. My hair is Jet black, purple eyes, perfectly tanned skin with a black star marked in the middle of my forehead. I'm pretty fit and have a high metabolism, I never really show much emotion because of what I am. People don't bother talking to me but I don't really care it's nice being alone. It's quiet and no one can bother you with useless nonsense.

I sighed getting up, I went to the library looking through the books they have and turn in my books. A few cheerleaders came in laughing Taylor is the squad leader and the slut of the school. Maddie is the dumb ass and slut, Toni is just a slut well let's just say they all are and are Taylors minions except for April she's always quiet when she's around them. She's a really sweet girl I don't know why she hangs around them. Last week I saw her be forced to bully another student and when she did she went to the bathroom and cried she then apologized to the student after. She's so harmless she wouldn't hurt a fly, we would see each other around the halls when she's headed to Earth club or any other club she goes to. I would say hi but she would always run off I wouldn't blame her if she's scared of me. "Hey freak I know we're hot and all but you don't have to stare. Are you lesbian or something?" Still my emotion never changed. April looked away and so did I; since there wasn't any books I was interested in I walked out and went to my last class. "Good afternoon Sky! How has your day been?"I smiled "it was great." Mr. Bailey is turned back to the board and kept writing our assignment.

After school I walked in the rain with my hoodie on listening to the cars pass by. The Star glowed on my forehead and my ears came out on the top of my head, my tail came out and so did my wings. My eyes changed from purple to red. My fur is black with a blue streak going down the middle of my tail and on the tip of my ears. The tips of my hair is blue and my wings are black with only the middle layer of my feathers blue. I passed an ally way but stopped when I saw a girl that looked like "April?" I say she looked at me with fear "help me" she said in a shaky voice. Then in an instant she was dragged so I went after her listening to her scream. It led to the roof of a tall building but I couldn't see anything "please don't hurt me!" I tried calming her down "I'm not going to hurt you" when I said that she squinted at me "Sky?" I was about to speak but was knocked down by a shadow. "What the hell?" I growled. The shadow multiplies into ten more shadows one by one they knocked me down repeatedly. I got up but was knocked down again "enough!" my eyes glowed along with the star. White flames lit up in my hands and I thrown it the shadows defeating them. I stopped going back to normal feeling week. I turned around to see if April is ok before I fell to my knees then to the ground blacking out.

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