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2. origin

"We need to get rid of her, she's not human." Don Sky's father said. "we don't need to do anything she's human just like the rest of us." Kaleen, Sky's mother said. "How can be ok with this?" She sighed closing her eyes. Her beautiful wings and tail showed but no mark. "I married a monster! What are you! Why didn't you tell me this?" Her ears went down feeling guilty "because I knew how you would react." She looked down at her child removing the cloth that was wrapped around her. She gasped at the baby "what's wrong now?" Don asked pissed "she can't be here, she has to leave." He looked at her with curiosity "and why is that?" He asked hoping she was thinking the same thing but that wasn't the case. "Her wings shouldn't be black with blue along with her tail and ears." She gently smoothed back her curls "the star!" Kaleen sighed "she won't remember us or how she was born instead all she will know is that she's alive and here on Earth. She's going to be special, she's has been chosen to do something big, every creature will come after her and try to take her power. Have to leave." She flew out the window wrapping her Baby back in the blanket kissing her daughters forehead. She sung a lullaby to her hoping she would remember the tune. When she found a safe place to put her she left after saying goodbye. The front door opened and a thirty five year old lady gasped "poor child, Max come here" the woman yelled. Forty year old Max came down and smiled "well would you look at that a beautiful baby girl." When they took her in and gave her old baby cloths to wear they didn't care what she looked like but they did protect her after getting a message from her mother of what she is. "Poor child she won't remember her mother but at least she gave her this box." Eve,Max's wife said and opened the box and it started playing the song. "Kids come down stairs I want you to meet someone." They looked at her with aw and curiosity "what kind of baby is she?" Her youngest asked "special, she's very special."

As she got older the other children grew jealous because she gotten most of the attention. She sat in the corner of her room playing the song over and over again and humming to the tune. Kyle her oldest came in "you've been playing with that stupid box for hours. What is so special about it?" She shielded herself with a force field around herself before he could get any closer. "Go away" he scoffed "you never cry, laugh or get angry are you even human." The music stopped and she closed the box not opening it for a few minutes "I guess that got your attention." He smirked satisfied but frowned when she opened the box again and turning her back on him. "Kyle leave your sister alone!" She yelled from downstairs. "She's not my sister and never will be!" He yelled back. He looked back at Sky piercing his lips together and squinting at her "get out" she said calmly but he didn't listen "I think this is why your parents left you because you're a freak, do you have any parents for that matter?" She stopped playing with the box and stood up. Kyle stood back scared that he probably took it too far but is satisfied that he finally got under her skin. She gently set the box down on her bed and faced him "no I don't have real parents and for that I don't know where I came from. I'm hoping I can find my creator or at lest a family if I did have real parents, Now leave." She said calmly and she left her own room leaving a frustrated Kyle alone. Eve smiled "there goes our special little girl!" Eve kissed her cheek making her blush "thank you. Am I your favorite out of all your children?" Max smiled "of course you are! Why do you think we always try to make you happy? Yes all of our kids are special but you, you are very unique. Now eat your pancakes before they get cold." She picked up her fork "of course father." She then started eating "mom why do she get to eat pancakes for dinner?" Eve loves her children equally but she spoils Sky the most knowing she has the whole world weighted on her shoulders. Even though she doesn't know what she is, she knows what she has to protect everything here on Earth. Not only that but she doesn't have any real memories of her family which is why Max and Eve have to treat her a little differently. Sky hummed the tune from the music box kicking her feet back and forth stuffing her face with pancakes. "Her diet works differently that's why Nina plus you kids been giving her a hard time."

After eating Sky went back to her room which worried Max and Eve then they heard screaming so they went up stairs to see a man in a black mask hanging upside down. "Is this someone you know mother?" She asked. She held man by his foot lifting him in the air upside down with no struggle "good job sweetie! I'll go call the cops you keep an eye on him" Max said. She set the man down and stared at him the whole time "what are you?" Sky shrugged sitting across from him grabbing her music box and opened it. The song played and she hummed along with it, she looked up at the robber then got up grabbing her piggy bank. Then she went up to the man with it "what's this? What are you doing?" She pulled his mask off "you're not evil or mean you're desperate. You need the money to take care of your children. Your wife is sick and you can't get the money in order to take care of her which led you to robbing us." He looked at her with wide eyes "how did you-" she cut him off "I read your thoughts and feelings, these are my savings take it." She put it towards him "no I can't do that" she smiled "first you tried to rob us and now you don't want it." He looked at the ground fighting with himself "but didn't you save this for something important like a new doll or something?" She shook her head "this is more important than what I want. If you don't take it I will unfreeze my parents and gave them call the cops." He quickly took it "thank you." He started crying "after I tried to rob you, you still helped me why?" She sat next to him "everyone has a reason." He noticed young she really is and is amazed how well she's dealing with this. "Why are you doing this?" Her star glowed on her forehead and so did her eyes "it's what I was created to do and like I said, I don't know what or who I am and don't care all that matters is how everyone else feels. I know you're wondering about my emotions, my emotions are dangerous, I don't understand how to feel about things." He got up patting her head "I hope you find yourself." Then he left "Sky where did he go?" She got up dusting her self off "I let him go."

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