I have the same story on my wattpad but this will be different from the other one bit of you prefer to read that version you can.


5. Jax

"My names Jax and you must be the famous Sky." Famous? "Our species aren't from this Earth but the new Earth. This world has discovered, Kepler-186f or at least these humans named it. It's originally called Punda, were Pundanian but not all Pundanians are the same. Every Pundanian are born with one power but of course we have amazing strength and the power to shift into the animal were born with. Two babies of the opposite sex will be born with a star which means that they will be the new change but you, you're different. You're star it's black." I looked him confused "yours is too" he laughed "yea but it's actually supposed to change color but instead yours stayed black, it's possible you're a black star" I watched as his star changed green to blue orange then red. "What's a black star?" I asked curious "its what you are. A black star is a very powerful and rare star, they're known to be dangerous creatures but also beautiful like you. They're power is uncontrollable unless they're trained right but you your special you didn't need any training you just did it on instinct." Instinct? "What do you mean instinct?" He patted my head "you naturally hardly show any emotion and that's how you keep your powers tamed." Something hit me "why are you just now showing up out of the blue?" He handed me pictures of people that are like me but they're dead. "The government is doing experiments on our people taking our blood and putting it in human bodies that's not the only problem. Some of our species are actually working with them because they want the colony to be repopulated and they believe this is the way. Those things you've been fighting were created by them. We need to stop it if we don't then the human race will end and this world will be the new Punda. Humans will go extinct which is why we were born as stars to keep balance. Especially you, usually black stars become evil then good or be evil forever but you, you're kind. You're heart s nothing but kind it's amazing." I looked away blushing, I need to stop! We walked through the park talking as I told him about my childhood and he told me about his. "Jax, how did Pundanians end up on Earth?" He frowned "NASA did after finding out about Punda they did nothing but spied on us until they made a deal and that." He pointed at the pictures he showed me "that's the deal to turn Pundanians into soldiers." I frowned "oh" he smiled "luckily some of us don't want any part of it. We're hiding in the woods up north from here would you like to see?" I accepted the invite and followed him.

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