I have the same story on my wattpad but this will be different from the other one bit of you prefer to read that version you can.


4. Cheerleader?!

Back at school again but this time it was a little different, I went upstairs to my AP calculus class and turned in my work. After that I walked down the hall downstairs to the library to check out a book and then this happened. "No" I say flatly "what!? Why not?" I looked at April "first off you're a human. A harmless powerless human you can get killed easily and that will be on my shoulders." April pouted "look at batman he's a superhero with no powers." I raised a brow "he's a comic book character, he isn't real." I tell her. I looked up at her forehead "why do you have a band aid over the mark I gave you?" She blushed which was pretty amusing "because then everyone will get suspicious and your secret will come out." I raised a brow with a smirk "what? You never smile. Why are you smiling?" I laid my hand on her forehead getting ready to peel it off "you might want to take a deep breath" before she could speak I ripped the bandage off her forehead. She squealed in pain "I forgot to tell you the mark goes invisible once it's on there." She frowned at me rubbing her now red forehead "how come yours don't?" I shrugged "I don't know, and who said I never smile? I am hu- actually never mind that. Back to the main topic, no you can't be my side kick. It's too dangerous the things I fight aren't friendly they will kill you instantly." She groaned "also I didn't say that my identity was a secret, you humans assume the dumbest things. Yes sometimes I do keep it from people and sometimes I don't it depends. For example your cheerleader friends can't know about me because I know them which makes them easy targets."

Through the whole day of school she begged and begged and begged until I had enough. "Ok look I will allow you to help but you have to follow my rules." She smiled and I smiled knowing I couldn't get mad at her; I pressed my index finger on her forehead "what are you doing?" My eyes glowed "I'm giving you some of my power that way you won't get hurt or killed, control your emotions and never get angry. Yours won't be bad as mines but it's still dangerous." I can tell this won't end well, Taylor came up with her slut crew her face changing to suspicion "April what are you doing with the freak show?" Again it didn't faze me. Before she could speak I answered "I decided to join cheerleading." The girls except for April laughed. 'April' She squealed making everyone quiet 'calm down it's just me. Listen in order for me to watch and keep an eye on you I have to stay close and in order for that to happen I have to join the team.' She sighed 'fine but be careful just because your powerful and you can take care of yourself doesn't mean you don't need protection' "you want to be a cheat leader? Ha this should be interesting comedy the gym tomorrow sharp with a routine."

Lunch came and I walked into the gym with black shorts, a crop top with my hair in a high pony tail. The boys stooped playing basketball and stared but I ignored them. I played the music and started moving my hips slowly to the beat. I did a few high kicks, backflips and twirls the boys kept staring but still I ignored them. Lust for men doesn't effect me, I finished my routine and the boys whistled. Taylor of course got jealousy and glared at them "well you have the moves but you need to smile more" she smirked, the school never seen me smile. I looked at April smiling knowing they never see me smile before and everyone looked at me shocked including the guys who dropped the basketball "you didn't see that one coming did ya?" I stalked closer to them putting both hands on the table leaning in close to Taylor's face "you thought I was heartless huh? Thought I was freak well then I can show what a freak I can be" I placed a kiss on her lips leaving her blushing. "Y-you're on the team" she blushed and I smiled walking away and picking up my stuff "see you after school."

After school I put on the cheerleading uniform my butt and breast filling all the spaces that didn't feel up on the girls uniform which pissed them off. We started stretching and running then we started doing routines then everyone stopped, staring at a tanned shirtless guy with a wolf tattoo on his right peck, a black star on his left shoulder like the one on his forehead a. He has on black basket ball shorts, he has black hair and green eyes that soon went red along with mines. All the girls tried to get his attention but it didn't work he was too focused on me. 'We need to talk' he said through our mind link 'you're just like me' he stalked closer his eyes going back to green and mines back to purple. "Cheerleader seriously?" I blushed, what's wrong with me he's just another guy- no he's not just another guy he's a guy that was born with what I have. "You my love are gorgeous there is so much I need to tell you about our history." History?

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