Sinker Swim

"Sinker Swim" Three brothers embark on a fishing trip with their brother in law who is a born again Christian- the comic antics of the three brothers nearly ends in tragedy.


7. 7






After making his hot drink Jackie sets about making his sandwiches.

He then looks into one of the other cupboards above him to take out a plastic sandwich box. Jackie quickly places the sandwiches into the box then closes the lid.

He then goes to the round kitchen table where he finds his glasses. He is unable to see to thread a fishing hook without them.

He then goes back into the living room and takes the set of house keys from the antlers of a brass stag ornament then opens the front door before walking past the car in the drive way he opens the garage door and begins bringing out all of his fishing equipment needed for that days fishing. Jackie places his burgundy whipped coniflex two piece beach caster that has a bright red rubber sock that comes two feet up from the base. This enables the angler to be able to grip the rod and cast without the rod slipping. When put together it measured thirteen feet in length it was also fitted with Fuji rings that started larger then got gradually smaller as they got nearer the tip of the rod. There was also a plastic clip that could hold a florescent light for when it gets dark so that Jackie can detect a fish biting on his bait. Jackie stands it up vertical against the corner of the garage.



Jackie then goes back into the house and brings out his flask and sandwiches that he has placed inside a rucksack along with a bottle of Pepsi Cola.

Then he makes his wife a cup of coffee and takes it up to her before leaving he gives her a gentle kiss.

Jackie hears the sound of a car outside so he rushes down the stairs, shouting up his wife before closing the door. Once outside he puts on a pair hiking boots on top of his thermal socks.


A car pulls up to the private houses on the Bewick Park Estate



“Hi Jackie.’ says Danny as he gets out of the people carrier and walks around to the back of the car and lifts up the door on the car boot.



Morning, Danny, the side window of the car is wound down and Billy pokes his head out.



‘Hiya kid you ready to go?



‘Hi Bill, be with you in a mo.’


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