Sinker Swim

"Sinker Swim" Three brothers embark on a fishing trip with their brother in law who is a born again Christian- the comic antics of the three brothers nearly ends in tragedy.


6. 6






The phone rings down stairs so Jackie goes to answer it.

The sound of someone going down stairs can be heard.

Jackie picks up the phone from the phone table in the living room.



“Hello, hi Danny you alright? are we still on for fishing then?



“Yes I’m fine I will pick you up around 9am make sure you’ve got all your fishing gear out at the front so we can load it up and get away.



“Right oh, see you in anon.



A what?



Never mind, I’ll see you when you get here.






Jackie hang up the phone and makes his way into the kitchen opens the fridge door and gets out the pack of boiled ham and some cheese slices. Then he gets out the milk to make himself a flask of hot chocolate.

After filling up the electric kettle he switches it on then heads into the garage. He finds the light switch and flicks it on. Looking around he finds his tackle box and his fishing clothes that he put out before going to bed. He slips into his waterproof trousers made by Shakespeare then put on his fleece jacket made by the same company. He then placed his woolly hat and thermal gloves on top of his seat tackle box before going back into the house.

Looking under the sink unit he finds his large thermos flask and then goes into the cupboard above his head to get a plastic measuring jug.

He finds the tin of Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate and removes the lid and begins spooning in the hot chocolate into the jug before pouring the hot water on the top. Using a large spoon he stirs the mixture and then pours it into the flask and secures it with the stopper.


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