Sinker Swim

"Sinker Swim" Three brothers embark on a fishing trip with their brother in law who is a born again Christian- the comic antics of the three brothers nearly ends in tragedy.


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DANNY “THE SKY PILOT” WILSON, a 42 year old self employed handyman, and is the brother in law of JACKIE after marrying his sister MARY.

They live on a council estate in New York Tyne and Wear? Married to SUZANNE, they have three children. Both DANNY and SUZANNE are born again Christians.

DANNY and SUZANNE have found a nice little niche in the local church where they are called upon to do jobs for the parishioners within the church which they are paid well for. DANNY who does everything from decorating to joinery has an inexhaustible supply of work so too has SUZANNE who runs a catering business.

DANNY also knows JACKIE SANGSTER from when they were at school together and have remained friends ever since, even though DANNY tries to convert JACKIE and CHRISSIE into becoming Christians and part of their church. DANNY loves fishing and in his own words he says “I am a fisher of men”.



JIMMY “TEN PIES” SANGSTER, A 42 year old and eldest brother to JACKIE, lives with his wife ANNE and four children on a council estate in Wallsend in the North East of England. JIMMY works in a furniture shop in Newcastle; he cycles to work every morning even though he has a weight problem. His wife ANNE is constantly trying to get her husband to stick to the diet prescribed by his doctor. He has high blood pressure, suffers from gout, and is borderline diabetic. JIMMY has to take a mountain of tablets each day. He likes fishing and is reliant on his brother in law DANNY to give him a lift as he doesn’t own a car.



BILLY SANGSTER a 36 year old wood yard labourer is a hypochondriac.

He constantly worries about his health and takes a concoction of vitamin tablets, pain killers every day. His wife MAUREEN 35 years old is a house wife. They have one daughter


DAVE THOMPSON, 54 years old Fishing tackle shop owner, a fat faced jovial character. He is married to EMMA and they have five children.




ALAN DONNELY, aged 47, married with two children, he has worked for North Tyneside General Hospital for 15 years.




PETER THOMPSON 36 year old single man who thinks he’s Gods gift to women.

 He drives the ambulance.


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