Sinker Swim

"Sinker Swim" Three brothers embark on a fishing trip with their brother in law who is a born again Christian- the comic antics of the three brothers nearly ends in tragedy.


13. 13







‘I usually do my own too; I left Chrissie in bed as she loves her sleep. She can sleep the clock round I can tell you. I like to be up early as I don’t like lying in as it makes you lazy. (He lies)

My teacher used to tell us in class “seize the day” I never knew what he meant until I left school and started working on the North Shields Fish Quay as an apprentice fish filleter. I wasted no time at all then as when I went to work it was dark and when I came home it was dark too. I’m glad I’m an accountant now. I had to go to college for four years though, it was hard graft but worth it in the end. Look what I have now.



I worked for “Brekes the Fish Cake factory bloody hated the place. All day long you could smell the Guyana works where they made fertiliser from fish offal. The place used to stink.



‘I used to drive the “Popper” up the bank to the Guyana works for the lads and they paid me for taking their offal. I used to make about ten quid a week off them which was more than my seven pounds a week wage.



The Fish Quay is dying the death now though, not many stores down there these days. They are all restaurants now.



‘To think North Shields was the biggest herring port in the world at one time. I remember coming down with my bogie as a kid asking to clean out the fish boxes whilst they were unloading tons of herring. 

The fishermen would leave a few herring in the boxes for me and the odd mackerel as well.

I used to sell them for tuppence a dozen.



‘Have you seen how much Morrison’s are charging for it today? You would be a millionaire if you were selling them today.



You wouldn’t get much change from a tenner’ now for a dozen herring and more for mackerel.



Bloody good job we catch our own.



‘You better get a wiggle on then as you haven’t caught a thing yet.’

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