Sinker Swim

"Sinker Swim" Three brothers embark on a fishing trip with their brother in law who is a born again Christian- the comic antics of the three brothers nearly ends in tragedy.


10. 10






Danny hands him forty pounds and then gets his change.



‘You can square up with me for your bait when we get there lads okay?


Everyone agrees then say’s goodbye to Dave before leaving the shop and getting back into the car.



‘Right buckle up.’




The sound of seatbelts being clicked is heard before Danny pulls away.

Danny heads towards Northumberland Square then onto Albion Road which then takes them onto Tynemouth. Once we reach Tynemouth Danny turns left then takes the beach road to Cullercoats, turning left past the Bay Hotel which led to the Queens Head pub. Danny pulls in at the pubs large car park and everyone gets out and begins to unpack their fishing gear from the boot.




‘Where’s your son Kiddo, is he not coming?



‘No, he was out last night on the beer and is worse for wear this morning.



The group walk down to a mark known as “The Goats” once they have reached Cullercoats Bay which is only twenty yards from the car. Once there they start to assemble their rods. They check to see if all the rings on the rods are in line using their eyes as if they were looking down the barrel of a rifle. Once satisfied they affix their reels and begin feeding the fishing line through the eyes right to the tip then pulling the line through so that the shock lead can be attached. Once that is done a swivel clip is tied with a “Grinner knot” then the hook and weight trace added.

Then when everyone was baited up they cast out as far as they can. They wind in the slack line then set their rods onto the rod stands on a rock ledge they have chosen.




‘Right good luck lads.’




‘Are we having a bet on who gets the first fish and the biggest one and the most?


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