The Love Of A: Succubus

Hi, my name is Evangeline Daemnara, but my friends usually call me Eva. I am 13 years old, and am exited to join my first year of high school! EEkk!! So cool!! But I am a little nervous about it, because instead of joining my fellow classmates in public school, I'm stuck being sent to a private school by my Grammy. But, in the end, I'm sure I'll meet some new awesome friends... Maybe even a cute guy?... Uh-oh, gotta go. I'm about to be late for my first day, AAAAaHHHH!!!!


2. School Talk

    She shoved me into her beat-up car, I never asked what the car was, as long as it ran, hopped into the drivers seat, and pumped the gas. It made a pissed off grumble, then screeched out of the driveway. “So, about school..” I poorly segued.

    “What about it?” Grammy queried passively.

    “Well you’ve been very adamant to not tell me about this one. I think the day of, I should know something about it.” I explained, “New school, new knowledge, right?” We pulled up to a stop sign.

    “Ahh.. I suppose so.” She sighed, she looked... bad. Don’t get me wrong, she’s really attractive, for her age(don’t tell her I said that). Normally she looks like an older supermodel(no, really, sometimes I’m jealous), but right now, the light made her age show, like she was reluctant to tell me. “I didn’t know how to tell you, I still don’t, y-...your new school from now on is... different.”

    “Grammy, all schools are different.”

    “Yes, they are, but.. Aah! D-Why is this so hard to tell you!”

    “What do you mean? Like.. a boarding school?”


    “Finishing school?-“


    “Then wha-“

    “A school for you!” She scolded, she never raised her voice, so I was speechless. “I.. A school for monsters.. Vampires, Werewolves,... Succubi.” She gestured to both of us.

    “O-okay, that won’t be so bad. Go to school, learn to be a monster, go home, repeat. What’s so bad-“

    “This’ll be the last time we see each other until you graduate college.” She admitted, tears beginning to form, “You won’t be coming home.” the information shocked me. “I won’t even be able to hear your voice.”

    “Th-will I at least be able to write?”

    “I don’t know.” She slumped into the steering wheel, and started sobbing. “Your mother didn’t want this! She wanted you to have a normal school, and normal friends, so you could have a Normal Life!!” She hit the dashboard with her hands each time she said “normal”. Another car pulled up behind us. She’s obviously beat-up about this, so I tried to sympathize with her.

    “Grammy.. look, obviously I’m not ‘normal’, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t make it close.” I calmed, “And even if I could, I don’t think I’d want to be normal, okay? I am ME, and nothing can change that, not mom, not you, not dad. No one. But,... I caaaan try to find a way to keep in touch, be it letters or pigeons, I’ll find a way to let my Grammy know that every day I think about her, even when she’s not around. And especially when she finally gets sick of it! He-he!” I gave her a hug.

    “Oh, stop it! You made me feel again!” She sobbed, “But thank you, sweetie.” The car behind us started honking. “DON’T YOU START NOW!!!” She snarled, starting to drive down the street.

*       *       *

    Grammy pulled to a stop at an old local bus-stop. “Oh.. what time is it? Where’s the bus?” She whimpered.

    “It. Is.. nine thirty-five.” I lied, pretending to check my Scroll.


    “Just kidding, it’s seven oh two.” She glared at me for a minute.

    “That’s not funny.”

    “Yeah, but you should’ve seen the look on your face.” I laughed, then realized, “Oh, shit. What about my bags?”

    “What about ‘em?”

    “If I’m going to be living at the school, aren’t I going to need my luggage?”

    “Oh, I’m way ahead of you, it’s all in the trunk.”

    “Wow, your good.”

    “You’re damn right!”

    “Anyway, can I at least know the name of my new school?” I queried, changing the subject.

    “It’s... called.. Ringswild High University For The Unique And Monstrously Gifted.” Grammy reluctantly told.

    “‘For The Unique And Monstrously Gifted’?” I asked.

    “That’s the full name of it, yeah.”

    “So, what, it’s some sort of finishing school for monsters?”

    “No, no, more like a live-in high school that branches into college afterward.”

    “So a finishing school.”

    “No. There are boys there, too, coed, you know, so you’d better behave yourself.”

    “Uhh.. Oh.” I blushed.

    “Hmm? I think you like that.” Grammy teased, bumping my shoulder with her elbow.

    “Wow, it’s getting warm in here!” I noted, quickly turning on the AC. After a few minutes of silence a school bus rounded a street corner and calmly pulled to a stop at the bus-stop.

    “Finally, what took them so long? They were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago.” She complained, “Oh well, let’s get your bags on board.” We got out of the car and opened the trunk, and low-and-behold, not only my bags were there, but my laptop was even sitting on top of it all.


    “I figured you’d want it, I wouldn’t have much use for it anyway.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Come on! The bus driver won’t wait all day!” We quickly got my things out and to the bus. Although, when my grandmother turned to give me a goodbye hug, her mood suddenly changed to pure hate, and made an animal-like hiss towards something behind me. Before I could turn around, she was already behind me telling off whatever it was. “You have a lot of nerve, Reaper!” I turned to see who she was talking to, but it was more like a “What” than a “who”. It was a pitch-black skeleton dressed in a sable-black suit. It was more like looking at a shadow than a creature. Then it spoke in a mind-chilling rasp of a voice.

    “Now, now, Loraine. I’m not here to hurt anyone, I’m only here to do my job.-“ The Skeleton hissed.

    “And what job would that be, hmm? Killing off my only granddaughter before she even gets to high school?” Grammy scolded.

    “Actually, I was hired by the very school she’s going to, to bus her there safely.” The Skeleton moaned.

    “I’ve never trusted a Reaping Huntsman, and I won’t start now!”

    “Do we really have to do this now? I have a schedule to keep.” The Reaping Huntsman complained, checking his Scroll as if it were a pocket watch.

    “Fine, but if I don’t hear from her within a month... I will... find you.” She warned, then she turned to me. “Please try your hardest to write me back ASAP, okay?”

    “Right!” I smiled, I then proceeded to have my ribs crushed in a long hug.

    “Take care.” She whispered, The Reaping Huntsman pulled out his Scroll to check the time again.

    “Shall we load your luggages, Miss Daemnara?” He coolly hissed, taking a low bow.

    “Watch him.” Grammy muttered to me we loaded my bags into the bus’s luggage compartment. I gave a subtle nod of understanding. When we were finished, she gave me one last hug and the Reaping Huntsman and I boarded the bus. I noticed there were no other students on the bus, so I sat in the first seat, so I could keep a close eye on the driver. Who promptly sat down, closed the bus doors, and started me on my way. I watched and waved my grandmother goodbye, then I rolled down the bus window, and shouted goodbye, as she started chasing the bus for more goodbyes. She paused a moment, quickly looked around and changed into her monster form in a quick burst of cobalt flames, leapt into the air and flew along to keep up with the bus. “Bye, sweetheart! Please write me soon!” She ended her final goodbye with a blown kiss, which became a tiny little blue wick of fire that flew to me and nuzzled my cheek, before quenching away. I gotta learn that trick! I thought, as I watched Grammy glide to a stop and shrink into the distance.


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