The Love Of A: Succubus

Hi, my name is Evangeline Daemnara, but my friends usually call me Eva. I am 13 years old, and am exited to join my first year of high school! EEkk!! So cool!! But I am a little nervous about it, because instead of joining my fellow classmates in public school, I'm stuck being sent to a private school by my Grammy. But, in the end, I'm sure I'll meet some new awesome friends... Maybe even a cute guy?... Uh-oh, gotta go. I'm about to be late for my first day, AAAAaHHHH!!!!


1. Head-aches, Body-aches, All-The-aches


    I laid on my bed with my guitar on top of me, bored out of my mind, strumming notes aimlessly, waiting for Grammy to finish cooking breakfast. Suddenly, pain surged through my body, starting from my stomach, spreading to my chest and around to my back, then bursting to the sides of my head and becoming present at the base of my spine near my tailbone. The pain felt like a hot iron being pressed against my muscles, I felt like I could scream, it’s so terrible. But just as soon as it started, it stopped, my muscles felt sore, like I just got done with a big workout. I sat up, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Then Grammy burst in, “Breakfast is ready!!” She chimed in a sing-song voice. Then noticed the pained look I had on my face. “Oh, honey, what’s wrong?”

    “N-nothing, my stomach just hurts, I should really eat something.” My stomach made a well-timed grumble.

    “O-hokay, finish getting ready and cleaned up for breakfast, it’ll be waiting on the table for ya.. and brush your teeth young lady!! You’ll make all the boys give you a wide birth down the hallways!”

    “Humph! Fine!” I pretended to pout, hiding my soreness. Grammy chuckled, shaking her head and leaving my room. I kept sitting for a minute, gathering myself, then got up to get ready.


*        *        *


    As I finished drying off from my shower, I went to my sink, filled it with warm water, and started washing my face. When I was done I looked up at the mirror above the sink and- “*GASP*” The face that looked back was mine, but it had shiny black curved horns. I stepped back, walking into the wall behind me. “Ow! What the..?” I gasped,reaching  to my upper back... I had wings, literal wings. Then something brushed against my legs. I whipped around to see what it was... Nothing, just a wall. I felt my head with my hands, yeah, those are really there, are they...real? I grabbed both horns firmly, and tugged.. hard. “Ow-jeez!!” I turn to the mirror to get a better look at them.. yeah, those are a thing now. In the corner of the mirror, I see something small and black move behind me. Huh? I turn around, nothing. I go to face the mirror again, and hear something hit the countertop of the sink and at the same time feel a sudden pain in the tip of my tailbone. “Ah! Oww! That hurt!” I reach to my rear to touch the pained area, but instead of skin I find some kind of long mass sprouting from the very base of my spine. Terrified, I carefully slide my hand down the mass.. one foot.. two feet.. three.. at four I find the end of the mass and bring it around to see.. a tail!? “AAAAAAAHHHH!!!” I screamed. I heard some dishes shatter on the floor in the kitchen and footsteps running up to my bathroom door, followed by Grammy bursting in through the door.

    “What’s wrong, are you hurt, what happened, w-!?” Grammy blurted, “Oh, I guess we have to talk about that now.”

    “WHAT IS THIS?!” I grilled hysterically.

    “Sweetheart, finish getting dressed as soon as you can, and we’ll talk over breakfast.” She closed the door quietly as I stood there dumbfounded. What she had said swimming through my head: 'Oh, I guess we have to talk about that now.' What could that mean? What is.. this? I wrapped my towel around me and went to my room for my clothes.

    I made a beeline for my closet and nabbed my favorite shirt: an old band tee that used to be my dad’s. Damn, I miss him. I went to pull it on, realizing too late that the horns had gotten in the way, ripping the shirt to shreds. Oh, no! I quickly pull what’s left off my head, ripping it some more. I took a long look at what I’ve done and begin to tear up, the last memory of my dad, destroyed, by something I never wanted. I take a long cry, mourning the ruined T-shirt. I finish crying, wipe my eyes, and I go to find something else to wear, I got an old hoodie, a pair of slim-fit jeans, and my bra and underwear. I got my underwear on fine, but ran into a wall with my bra: my wings are in the way of the straps. Oh, FUCK! I can’t go to school without any bra, I’ll look like some kinda slut!! So I managed a makeshift bra out of some thick black craft ribbon I snuck out of Grammy’s craft room a week ago, wrapping it around myself and between my wings so that they were free, and I was supported, then moved on to the jeans... maybe I can hide my tail in one of the legs? I tried that, but it looked like I had.. well something unfeminine underneath them, so I tried putting my tail up near my ghetto-rigged bra, and securing it there. Because of the jeans, the waistband pressed against my tail, causing me some discomfort. If I sit down, this’ll hurt a lot, but I’ll have to work with it. Okay, now the hoodie, if I’m not careful, the horns’ll destroy this too. Taking some extra time to get my horns and head through the head hole, I manage to get the thing on. Great, now I look like I have something on my back in my shirt, oh, well, it can’t really be fixed right now.

    I carefully make my way out to the kitchen and sit at the table for some Q&A with eggs. But when I sat down I had to stifle a yelp. That hurts more than I thought it would. “Morning, dearie, um, I thought you had a tail earlier?” Grammy greeted. I nod, unable to speak. Grammy leaned back to see behind me. “Oh, I see, come on, we need to do some crafts before we eat.” She got up and walked out of the kitchen and down the hallway. “Hurry along, Eva.” I gently got up and followed.

    When I made my way to Grammy’s craft room she asked, “Now let’s start with those jeans, take ‘em off and get your tail out so I can measure.”


    “Oh enough with that! Were both female here, now, let’s get this over with!” She said “female” as if we weren’t- or at least I -wasn’t human. Regardless, I did as she asked. And after measuring my tail, she made a comfortable little hole right were my tail would go. I put them back on, now able to slide my tail out through the new hole in my jeans. Neato.

    “Thank you, Grammy.” I thanked.

    “You’re welcome, sweetie, now get a more season-appropriate blouse, it’s warm outside, no need for a hoodie.”

    “But my... uhh.. mmh.” I stumbled, embarrassed to mention it.

    “Your wings are in the way of your bra, I know, now go get that blouse, and I’ll see what I can find,” I tried to argue but she held her hand up, “go on.” I came back with another band tee and was met with my Grammy holding an extremely inappropriate set of lingerie for me.

    “Grammy!” I scolded, I felt my face get hot in embarrassment.

    “What? Your mother bought them special for you for when you matured.”

    “Excuse me?”

    “Just give me the blouse and put these on. You’ll be much more comfortable than in that unflattering ribbon.”

    “Heh-heh.. you knew about that.”

    “I figured as much, your mother did the same thing, now come on, give it here.” I gave her the tee, took the lingerie from her, carefully took off the hoodie, and took off my ribbon. The bra was in three pieces, the left cup with its support, the right cup with its support, and a section that fit perfectly between my wings. All three pieces linked together by little clasps at the corners of the section for the back, so the bra would fit perfectly around the base of each wing, followed by the left and right cups folding over and attaching in the middle. I then went to my room, took my jeans off and swapped the underwear to match the bra. When I put my jeans back on and came back, Grammy had even fixed up my shirt to have slits in the back for my wings too. She gave it back to me and I carefully put the shirt on, making sure not to snag my horns on the shirt, some wiggling of my wings made them pop through the new holes specially made for them. “There. Perfect. Now, let’s get back to the table before breakfast gets cold.”

    “Okay. Um, thank you, again, Grammy.” I appreciated.

    “You’re very welcome, sweetie.” We walked back to the kitchen table, and ate eggs, bacon, toast and almond milk for breakfast, Mmm. After we finished, I brought up my first question.

    “So earlier, in the bathroom, what the fuck-“

    “Language, young lady, you may have changed, but my rules still stand firm.” She calmly demanded.

    “Sorry, what is going on?”

    “To be blunt: you are becoming what your mother and I are.”

    “English. Please?”

    “A Succubus.”

    “A what?”

    “You have never been what you’ve been lead to believe. You are not human, you are a demon, an evil spirit of lust, a Succubus.”

    “Wait, you said mom and you are also succubuses?”

    “For one, the plural of our species is: Succubi. For two, yes.”

    “Oh, th-then why don’t you have all.. this?” I queried, gesturing to all of me.

    “I do.”

    “I don’t see them, are they really small?”

    “No, and now it is time for our first parlor trick!” She announced, standing up.

    “‘Parlor trick’?” I murmured to myself. She started to shake her head, smoke began to billow from her temples and back. There was a small spark where the smoke was coming from, then her temples erupted blue fire. “G-Grammy?” The cobalt flames grew, and burned brighter. “Gram?” The flames were taking form now, becoming onyx black horns, the smoke on her back had the same fire, but taking the form of charcoal wings. Then, all-at-once, the royal blue flames quenched themselves, all except for a little candle-sized wick at the end of her shadowy tail, which she simply flicked away. I sat there, silently in awe, at the display. There was a long pause before I finally said something “Uhh.. well that’s new.”

    “Yes, and that’s not all, we can also..” she tilted her head to one side, offering a grotesque click, and her horns, wings, and tail all began to disintegrate into ash.

    “Woah.” I whispered reverently. The ash that had collected onto the floor, had also started to fade out of existence, as if it wasn’t of this world.

    “We can also return to our human forms, too.” She bowed as if it were all some sort of magic show. “And you should learn to do that too, before you get to school.”

    “Oh, no. I’ll look like some kind of freak if I can’t figure it out!” I noted in fear, Grammy just chuckled. “What?”

    “Nothing, it’s not as hard as you think, if give yourself a few minutes of concentration, you’ll get it.”

    “Right, so how do I do it?”

    “Imagine you are putting on a costume that looks like you, but doesn’t look like your true form.”

    “That’s it?”

    “Mmhmm.” So I closed my eyes and thought about how I looked this morning, before my abrupt transformation, and imagined it was a suit I was putting on. After a few minutes I heard ecstatic clapping from my grandmother. I opened my eyes to see what was going on.

    “What?” I asked, my grandmother was smiling with glee, and started giggling.

    “Oh, I’m so proud of you! It took me an hour to get it down, and your mother took half that! Oooh! I’m so happy! If only your mother could see you now!”

    “Wait, you said it only takes a few minutes to learn!”

    “Yes, right, I might’ve lied about that, heh-heh. Next you’ll have to learn flight, but that shouldn’t be too hard, seeing how little it took for you to learn how to change! Eeehehehe!” Grammy confessed, hardly able to contain herself.

    “You’re a very manipulative creature.”

    “Oh, sweetheart, you have no idea.” She breathed.

    “What?” I asked, taking a piece of toast of the kitchen table, Grammy’s grandfather clock began chiming in the living room... Six bongs and a bell chime, six-thirty.

    “Whaah! You’re gonna be late for school!” Grammy gasped, grabbing my arm and yanking me away from my beloved toast and out the door.


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