The Love Of A: Succubus

Hi, my name is Evangeline Daemnara, but my friends usually call me Eva. I am 13 years old, and am exited to join my first year of high school! EEkk!! So cool!! But I am a little nervous about it, because instead of joining my fellow classmates in public school, I'm stuck being sent to a private school by my Grammy. But, in the end, I'm sure I'll meet some new awesome friends... Maybe even a cute guy?... Uh-oh, gotta go. I'm about to be late for my first day, AAAAaHHHH!!!!


3. A Bus Ride From Hell

    After a few minutes of watching the local suburbs fly by, I remembered that Grammy had said to keep an eye on my new bus driver, so I mustered the most hateful look I could, and got to work.

    “So... New student?” The Huntsman hissed small talk. I merely remained quiet scowling intently in his direction. “Look, I know what your grandmother has said about me, and Huntsman in general, but seriously, not all of us have a murderous agenda. For Example: I’m retired.” He glanced at the rear view mirror to me.

    “Huh? Retired?” I asked, losing my expressive stare.

    “Oh, so you aren’t too focused on removing my head to still be listening, huh? Yes, I am, in fact, this ferrying job I have, I'm not even paid to do it, what do you think of that?” He asked, I gave him my vibrant amusement from earlier. “Right, noted.” he leaned back into a more comfortable position in the driver's seat.

    The bus gradually made its way out of the city suburbs, to country land. “Where are you taking me?” I interrogated, peppering in a warning into my tone.

    “School, why?” He retorted, glancing up again.

    “This sure doesn’t look like it.” I forewarned.

    “You’ve never been to Ringswild, have you?”


    “Oh, you’re going to find it... entertaining there.” He mysteriously chuckled, his raspy voice turning a simple chuckle into metal skating across itself.

    “What does that have to do with where you’re taking me! We’re in the middle of nowhere!”

    “No we’re not.” He stated, glancing up and slowly veering into another lane.

    “Yes we ARE!”

    “No, we are not.” He veered into the grass as he turned to look at me. “When I say that I’m driving someone somewhere that’s where they GO!” He veered so far off the road that we were now headed toward a forest on the side of the highway. I felt my face loose color. “What?”


    “What do you mean ‘woods’.” He interrogated, turning back to the front of the bus. “Oh, those.” He spoke simply. I closed my eyes, bracing myself for the sixty-mile-an-hour crash... That never came? I carefully opened my eyes, and looked up. The trees seemed to be bursting into smoke when they reached the bus. Then the bus itself started to change, the color turning from a bright yellow to a dull brown. The mechanical bellow of the engine changing to a low animal-like grumble. Even the wheels didn’t even act like wheels, we should’ve been bouncing uncontrollably but instead we kept a smooth balance, the sound of the wheels turning into scuttling, loud scuttling, like some kind of giant insect. Next I noticed the Huntsman wasn’t sitting at the driver’s seat, but standing next to me, holding a long leather strap in one bony hand, that trailed off to somewhere up front. I looked down and saw that the rubber-plastic seat that I was sitting on was now a hand sewn leather saddle-like seat, six more were lined neatly behind me, as well as seven more mirrored to my left. The windows and windshield started to fog up, changing to a scratched up plastic which then became sticky and soft, like some kind of web. The floor became a mahogany brown, turning into fur. The Huntsman gave a quick shrill whistle and the roof opened up, tearing apart the web-windows. No, not roof, wings! The wings that had been the roof, were brought down and folded, becoming a sort of guardrail.

    “What-the-what?” I stated, in awe and confusion, then I looked forward, a perfectly vertical cliff-face, and we were headed straight for it. I reached over and tugged on the Huntsman’s suit jacket. “Uhh?”

    “You may want to buckle-up, unless you want to fall.”

    “Huh?” I spastically looked down, and fumbled for a seatbelt, only to find a literal seat belt. A thick strip of leather complete with brass buckle. “You gotta be fuckin’ kidding me.” I grumble to myself.

    “Nope, ya got five seconds.” He commented. I strapped myself down as tight as I could, and just as I did the bus-creature-thing hopped up, and started scaling the rock face. I snapped my eyes shut, and held on for dear life. Yup, still terrified of heights!

*   *   *

    In reality it was probably about four seconds to the top, but with my eyes closed and giving a piece of leather a death grip, it felt closer to four hours. I knew we reached the top when the creature we were riding on leveled out, but I still didn't open my eyes because the last thing I needed to see was a sheer drop of death.

    “You can look if you want, now.” The Huntsman hissed.

    "No, thanks, I like being alive, it's actually really nice." I fussed.

    "If you don't, you'll miss a rather beautiful sunset that you'll only see right here, and only right now." The Huntsman illustrated.

    "Fine, but don't rush me!" I remarked, "I'm.. Uh.. I-... I'm afraid of heights."

    "I don't care, I'm not the one who'll have to learn to fly eventually." He assured. I slowly opened my eyes, and caught my breath. We had stopped at the top of the cliff and were overlooking a massive, deep, valley. At the bottom, (my stomach did a flip at the realization) about a mile down, was a gated arch pathway through a gigantic oak forest that spanned almost eight miles in all directions. Looking forward, after eight miles of wooded forest, was a three mile desolate wasteland, a gravel path snaked it’s way to a gated masonry wall that kept a one mile perimeter around a second gated wall, that surrounded a massive castle. And, true to the Huntsman's word, all was blanketed in the copper glow of the evening sunset, ever so slowly creeping behind the mountains on the far side.

    “Wow! What is that?” I whispered in awe.

    “That, Miss Daemnara, is Ringswild High University For The Unique And Monstrously Gifted.” The Huntsman hissed proudly, “That’s the good news, the bad news is that I am only allowed to deposit students at the first gate, down there.” He pointed.

    “Wuh, aww.. damn.” I bemoaned, unbuckling my seat belt. “that’s, like, what? A twelve mile walk?”

    “One Thousand Six Hundred And Nine And Thirty-four Hundredths Meters, of a walk, specifically.”

    “Oh, piss-off!”

    “Oh, by-the-way, I’llbedroppingyourluggageoffattheschool, didyouneedanyofit? No? OkayBye!” He speedily told as he kicked me out of my seat, and down into the valley below.


*   *   *

    It took me just under twenty seconds to find the bottom of the valley, and I’m pretty sure the other students could hear my screaming from the school. “Ow.” I moaned, struggling to my feet. I peered up at my starting point, “Either ten feet is only lethal to humans, or I’m really, really, hard to kill.” I turned and limped in pain to the gated arch. I reached to push it open, but it did so automatically. “I guess I’m expected.” I walked down the pathway as the gate slowly creaked shut.

    After the third mile I decided to take a short rest and sat against one of the limitless oak trees along the path to the school, then drifted to sleep.

    “Uh, hello? Are you okay? Please don’t be a dead person..” A voice spoke.

    “Nuh, five more minutes, grummy.” I grumbled.

    “I ain’t no grummy! Get up!” The voice scolded, shaking me awake.

    “Muh, huh?” I mumbled drowsily, wiping the tired from my eyes. Then I noticed the owner of the new voice, a small blonde girl in a grass green tank and coal black jeans, her hair was put in a quickly made ponytail. “Oh, uh, hi.”

    “Hello, to you too, sleepyhead, you know you were supposed to get to the school first, right?”

    “Huh?” I realized, “Oh, shit! I’m soo, fucking late! What time is it!”

    “Haha, calm down, it’s fine, there’s gonna be a few days of rerun services.” She explained.

    "D-days?!" I cried.

    "Yeah, it's no big Dee, the school just keeps them going for the laggards." She summarized.


    “People that show up late.”

    “Oh, Well, thanks for waking me.” I thanked, getting to my feet.

    “Welcome, oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name’s Anna-Alyssa.” She introduced, doing a cute little bow.

    “Uh, hi, Anna-Alyssa, m-my name is, uh, Evangeline, but you can call me Eva, most people do anyway.” I introduced, thrusting my hand out for a simple handshake.

    “Oh, wow, pretty name! What class are you in? I’m in Chi-16!” Anna-Alyssa asked excitedly shaking my hand.

    “Ha ha, thank you, and, um... I don’t know, sorry. Wait, ‘Chi’?”

    “Class: Q, student subsection: i, room: 16. In Japanese it’s pronounced as ‘Chi’ so that’s what the students there call it.”

    “Oh, interesting.”

    “Ooh! What monster are you? I’m a Fairy!”

    “Uh, erm, I just found out that I’m a Succubus, today.” I gave up. Anna-Alyssa gasped.

    “No. Way! Really!?-” She squealed.

    “Sorry to interrupt, but, we probably should’ve been walking the path for a while now, me more-so.” I stated.

    “You’re right!” Anna-Alyssa confirmed, “Can you promise not to tell the professors if I use magiks?”

    “Ssshhure?” I agreed cautiously. Anna-Alyssa became quiet, and held her palms out making her thumbs and index fingers into a triangle. Then she spoke.

    “Simulium Selenium!” She became engulfed in a white light, when it faded, she was nowhere to be found, a few minutes later, nothing continued to happen.

    “Well, so much for some help.” I murmured to myself, as I started walking down the path again. Suddenly, my stomach felt like it had been flipped upside down, and the world began to spin, then I saw a white flash of light, and I was somewhere else. Anna-Alyssa standing a few feet away. I immediately became nauseous.

    “Ta-Da!” Anna-Alyssa cheered in triumph, her arms raised above her head. The nausea became more intense.

    “Whee-agh.” I stated sickly, holding my stomach with one arm, and waiving my fist with the other. I closed my eyes because the world was still spinning, making the nausea worse.

    “Hey, uhh, are you okay? You’re looking a little green.” Anna-Alyssa queried, I could almost feel my vomit at the back of my throat now. A bubble of gas came up, forcing a small burp. I accidentally took a breath at the wrong time. The putrid, sharp scent, turned my stomach more.

    “Mm-mm.” I managed to get out before my legs gave way, dropping me to the ground, I felt my stomach convulse and held my hand over my mouth, trying not to puke.

    “Do you need me to get you something, or-oh!” Anna-Alyssa yelped and quickly came over to hold my hair and rub my back as I released my breakfast all over the ground. When I had finished, she helped me get cleaned up as best we could and regain my composure. “I am soo sorry, Evangeline, I-I should’ve told you what I was going to do, I-just I-I’m just so sorry!”

    “It’s fine, it’s-“ I heaved, “It-it’s okay. Accidents happen. But please don’t make that mistake again, that wasn’t fun.” I looked around, a forest of oak trees loomed behind us, while a fifty foot stone wall towered in front of us, an ornate solid iron gate depicting the massive gaping maw of a lion matching the wall’s height stood tall to our right along the wall, a cobblestone pathway trailed into the forest from it. “Did we move... Five miles up the path?”

    “Yeah, I would’ve gotten us closer, but ‘magiks are prohibited beyond this point’, or so the headmaster says. I don’t like breaking rules.. it keeps me out of trouble.” Anna-Alyssa explained frankly.

    “Oh, well then, shall we continue?” I queried.

    “Let’s.” Anna-Alyssa confirmed. We walked to the gate.

    “Here, let me open the gate for you.” I said, reaching for the gate.

    “No, wait!” Anna-Alyssa warned, but it was too late, I was launched ten feet away from the gate by an invisible force slamming me against a tree. Anna-Alyssa ran over to me. “I tried to warn you.” She chided. Then, a disembodied roar came from the direction of the gate.

    “Who disturbs my slumber!” The Voice blared. Anna-Alyssa quickly leaped up and sprinted to front-and-center of the iron gate.

    “It is I. Anna-Alyssa, the.. Mischievous, fairy.” Anna-Alyssa announced with an audible sneer, taking a royal bow toward the gate. Then the gate's lion depiction came to life.

    “Know this: Only few may enter here, those whose destinies lie far within, the diamonds among the rough.”

    “I will become the goddess Oonagh and bring peace back to my people!” Anna-Alyssa declared proudly, walking up to the gate. The Voice said nothing, then the gate abruptly opened, allowing her through. I got up to follow her, but the gate boomed shut before I could get through. The Gate spoke again.

    “Who treads before me?” The Gate rumbled, I tried to think of what it was asking for. Does it want my name, like what Anna-Alyssa answered? I acted upon that thought.

    “Uh... It.. is I... Evangeline? The... great... succubus?” I stumbled, giving an awkward bow. I heard a single loud clap from the other side of the gate. What the hell was that? I remained silent.

    “Rrrrr... Know this: Only few may enter here, those whose destinies lie far within, the diamonds among the rough.” The Voice boomed.

    “Alright, I don’t know what I’m supposed to say, much less what my destiny is, I just need to get to the school.” I gave up. I heard another single loud clap from the other side. The Gate's lion raised it's eyebrow, as if it were deciding what to do with me, then spoke once more.

    “Hmm... Proceed, but remember, learn your destiny, and become who you need to be.” The Gate thundered, then the gates suddenly opened, allowing me through. Thankfully, Anna-Alyssa was waiting impatiently on the other side for me... with a new bright rose mark on her forehead.

    “Uhh?” I asked, pointing to my own forehead.

    “I don’t wanna talk about it, but, I am a little surprised it let you pass, the last person that didn’t know what to say became a grease spot in front of that gate.” Anna-Alyssa elaborated.


    “Yeah, but I think it didn’t bother with you, since instead of dying, you’d just be reborn, although pissed off, but yeah, reborn.”

    “WHAT?!!” I announced.

    “Shh!! Don’t get so loud! You might wake the Screaming Deaths, or worse: The Tempest.” Anna-Alyssa explained, “And I really don’t feel like dealing with rain and lightning today!”

    “Okay... what?!” I whispered.

    “Jus-... C’mon!” She grumbled in irritation as we started jogging up the path towards the school.

*   *   *

    Anna-Alyssa stopped for a rest after two miles, where I promptly collapsed from exhaustion. “Why does the bus drop us of soo far from the school?!” I complained.

    “Sshhh!! We’ve only a mile to go, then you can complain as loud as you want, okay?” Anna-Alyssa hissed.

    “Okay, what is a ‘Screaming Death’ and why are you trying to be so quiet? THERE’S NOTHING HERE!” I interrogated, my confusion sparking my anger.

    “If you don’t stop yelling you’re gonna find out! The hard way!” She whispered, turning pale. “Are you able to do a ten minute mile?”

    “...WHAT?!” I bellowed, “Of course I can!” Anna-Alyssa whirled around and bolted toward the masonry wall, a mile away. “Wait!” I called, “What are you doing?!”

    She looked back wile running. “RUN!!!” I turned around to see what she was freaking out about only to find a massive scaled creature flying low to the ground toward me about thirty meters away and closing. Obviously, I did what only came to mind naturally: scream and run.

    “AAAAAHHHH!!!!” I quickly caught up with Anna-Alyssa. “What is that thing?!” I yelled.

    “Screaming Death, now shut up and leg-it before-“ Anna-Alyssa stopped in her tracks, petrified. The Screaming Death let out an ear-splitting screech and flew away in the direction it came from. I stopped next to Anna-Alyssa, panting.

    “Whaz.. going.. on?” I wheezed, “It.. flew away. Whew!” I could just hear Anna-Alyssa mutter “Tempest” before another even more gigantic creature boomed ten meters up the path. It’s scales were crystalline smoke gray, it’s claws were onyx daggers, and its wings were like a massive bat’s. It let out a roar that sounded like a thousand cars screeching their wheels in unison, then the sky brought forth clouds as dark as the creature’s scales, turning midmorning into midnight. The creature’s scales began to arc blue sparks of electricity across them, then it brought its wings up and took flight. “Uhh, is that a...” I began, but Anna-Alyssa finished my sentence for me in panic.

    “DRAGON!!” She panicked, turning towards the wasteland and, by extension, the oak forest and running.

    “What are you doing?! The school’s that way!-” I pointed to the masonry wall fifty meters away ahead of me, but only forty behind the dragon. Suddenly the ground exploded five feet away from me in a cobalt-pearl light, throwing me back. Without thinking I did a backflip mid-air and landed in a crouched position on the ground, stabilizing my landing with my hand while stopping my backward momentum with my nails, and paused. Wait, how the hell did I do that? I didn’t have time to think before the dragon knocked me into the air with implausible speed, and batted me away with its tail, throwing me face first, into the dirt ten feet away. I immediately rolled onto my back and the dragon roared loudly once more, the dark clouds rumbled and began weeping, the rain quickly escalating into a torrential downpour. I looked back to the dragon, it’s inky form blending with the horizon, I got up to try to run away, but the dragon was too swift, knocking me back to the ground and glaring menacingly into my eyes, they were a cold, hateful white. I couldn’t help but stare back in terror. “Anna-Alyssa! Help!!” I called, the dragon snarled and hissed menacingly. After what felt like a minute, a glowing white orb flew up to the dragon’s face shouting, “Leave her alone!!” Then began bussing around the dragon’s head, distracting it. I took advantage of the opening, I rolled over and got to my feet. Turning towards the masonry wall, I booked it. I’d never ran so fast in my life, as I ran fifteen meters I detected a brilliant flash from behind me followed by the dragon letting loose a mighty bellow. I looked behind me to see what happened, only to see the pearl orb speedily fly towards me, shouting.

    “Keep going!” The orb blurted in a metallic version of Anna-Alyssa’s voice, “The wall is just a little further!”

​    "Anna-Alyssa?" I cautiously probed while running.

    "WHAT?" Metallic Anna-Alyssa blurted, the ground exploded again eight feet behind us in another cobalt-pearl light.

    "Where are you, and why am I being followed by a ball of light?" I pried. The Dragon screeched again. I could almost feel how close it was; Too Close.

    "Evangeline, do you seriously think this is the time for this right now?!" Metallic Anna-Alyssa shrilled.




    "Over the circle, NOW!!"


    "NOW!!!" Metallic Anna-Alyssa roared in dispute. As it turns out, when you're late to jump when there is a giant dragon chasing you, explosions can help you. So my good news was that I crossed the boundary circle Anna-Alyssa was referring to, my bad news was that I not only soared over and past the boundary line, but I also managed to find the school's outer wall, too... With my face... At over thirty miles an hour. I was a little unconscious after that.

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