Finally Moving On

About me finally getting over my ex who died. And me being able to finally move on with my life.


9. Now

It seems to be better.

I still think about you 


I still love you.

I will til the day I die.

I still miss you and that

will never change.

It's gotten a little easier.

It's not healed though.

It will never be healed til

I see you again.

He makes it better.

He treats me the way you'd


He takes care of me.

He loves me.

Sometimes I feel as if

you are back.

He's so much like you.

You really would've liked him.

I'm finally able to move on.

I'm finally able to sleep without

dreaming of you.

I'm finally able to go out.

I'm finally able to stop


I will never forget you.

I will never stop loving you.

I will never stop missing you.


I'm finally moving on. 

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