Finally Moving On

About me finally getting over my ex who died. And me being able to finally move on with my life.


3. 2015

It's the beginning of the new year.

You are still here which surprises me.

You threatened to leave so many times


We started to fight a lot more.

You wanted to meet my parents.

You thought I was older.

I told you know but you persisted. 

We fought off and on about the same thing

until March.

Then early April I said fine.

I was so tired of fighting with you.

I wanted to love you not fight with you.

Then we planned a day.

March 17 you would finally meet my '


March 14 came around and we started 

fighting again.

You found out the truth. 

You said you were done and wanted

nothing to do with me.

I felt terrible. 

I tried so hard not to lose you.


Karma is a bitch. 


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