The Woods of Magic

Roma Harrison, a fourteen year old girl, is struggling with her parents divorce. When she meets several creatures in the woods, she begins to be involved in the internal politics that threaten their world.

The new fantasy epic by Robert Helliger.


1. Roma Harrison


Roma Harrison started to believe that magic didn't exist. She focused on the warm fireplace. Her mother, Tina, was looking at her lawyer. Her soon to be ex-husband, Brad, shook at the gold pen and divorce paper. He fidgeted with his left hand; he wished that ten years of marriage wouldn't go down the toilet. And yet he knew the inevitable was a necessary facet of survival; that marriage to the woman he once loved since they were teenagers was the plan of action, of a future that they'd had dreamed of since they had lived in the deep Louisiana bayous in a house that was full of surprises. And when Roma was born in the hot summer of two thousand and two, everything was on track. Brad was an English teacher on a fifty thousand a year salary; Tina was a housewife who worked as a writer. Roma dreamed of having a lot of friends. But, to her shock, no one of them wanted to know her...and come visit her house. By the time she did all of her homework for Miss Kendall in her bedroom, she knew what it must've been like to be alone. In short, she hadn't met any elves, dwarves, goblins, or vampires. Or a dashing Knight on a brown horse holding a silvery sword in his black gloved hand, saving her from trolls. Roma gripped her book she was reading; she placed a book marker on Chapter Four. Suddenly she closed her front door. The voices of her parents were rising; her tears were falling down her youthful face. By five o'clock PM, the southerly wind blew from the south; the wind blew towards her. Before she could do anything, Roma opened the front window of her bedroom. She headed down the lead pipes. Once she reached the bottom, she walked to the bayou. Suddenly she saw several elves holding elfish swords in their silvery, armoured, hands; their green eyes focused on the human girl with wonder. All of them had pointy ears. "Come on, Deana". Roma saw the girl elf wore a dark green gown...and wore grey boots on her small feet. Roma smiled. "Hello, how are you all doing?", she asked in her southern accent. The elves stopped talking. They gazed at her. "What's a human-girl doing here?", Deana asked. It walked to a water fountain. It drank from it, then begun to sing. Roma thought her parents would hear the singing; she was eager to believe that, if this was a dream, then she was dreaming of elves. "I live in the huge house in the bayous with my parents. I'm Roma". And Deana stopped singing. "Deana. I'm the First Daughter of King Robert and Queen Anna. They live inside the woods". Deana skipped. Suddenly the sound of horses were heard. "Quick! Lord Stephenson is here. We must hide". Roma saw several birch trees. She hid underneath them; Deana followed suit, as the sound of horses' hooves were heard nearby.


Lord Stephenson focused on the elven glades. "Deana must be here, my Lord", First Strike Leader Sheppard Leaver said.

"She is untrustworthy of us. She plots to take down the Kingdom". Lord Stephenson shook his head. He was wearing black armour. His grey helmet was gleaming in the dense woods; his eyes roamed towards the Light Temple. "​She must be here! She must!​", he said. He was irritable. Seconds later, they rode past the temple where priests were praying in the Eternal Bliss, a place where worship became necessary. First Strike Leader Leaver stopped riding. "​Halt!​", he ordered the other seven riders. Then, as they reached the middle of the woods, they saw a dwarf seat. Strange markings were written on the left of them. "​The Way to the Stars​", it was translated in English. Lord Stephenson gripped a large golden cane in his right hand. He watched for any signs of the dwarfs; he wasn't happy to deal with the creatures of magic, like last time. "My Lord, is there something wrong...?", First Strike Leader Leaver asked. "​No!", ​he said. And they walked to the middle of the spacious chamber. And Lord Stephenson tapped three times with his cane...and waited for the dwarfs to greet them.


Roma shook her head. She was eager to think that Deana was scared of them. "We're fine now", she said. She looked at the soldiers. As the human girl and elf patiently waited for them to leave, they knew that the true magic of the woods had dawned on her. "Let's go to my home", Deana said. Roma stared at the elf. Then, as Deana uttered a spell, a bright green light illuminated the woods...then it went silent.

The dwarf rubbed his thick beard with his right hand. "What's your name?", he asked. He didn't need to wait long; he heard the sound of horses neigh. "Lord Stephenson. And First Strike Leader Leaver", he answered. The dwarf nodded, then opened the rustic looking double door.


Deana started to think that she was nervous. It wasn't supposed to be easy. It was never easy. She saw several elves hiding in the trees; she gripped onto a staff in her right hand. In the end, she knew what must happen. "Let's go to the Hiding House", she said. Roma nodded, then waited for the elf to make its move.


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