Do I Write?

just some ramblings of a stressed mind,


1. The only chapter

Do I Write?

By Madelaine Reddick



sometimes I want to write, I get this feeling in my chest that says Write! 

but when I try, nothing comes out, nothing flows the way it uses to.



Sometimes I have amazing ideas running around in my head,

but when I pull my pen and paper out, I can figure out the words to say.


sometimes I want to write

But I can't

it just doesn't feel right.


sometimes I say, I am going to write

But my mind keeps putting it off until later




to busy now 


sometimes I want to write 

but the dark won't let me.


sometimes I write

but my mind gets to overwhelmed with the silly plot holes it made


sometimes I write and write and write

but then I stop and the stores sit on finished or get thrown away


sometimes I can't write because it all too much

everything hurts too much.


so yes I write


But not right now. 





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