Traitor's Love

The young and handsome, James Thornton joins a venture to put a Catholic Queen on the English throne. He is also deeply in love with Cathy Cordiner. However, she is a merchant's daughter betrothed to a noble advisor to the King. The outcome is the Gunpowder plot to blow up the King and Parliament including Cathy.

How can he escape a gruesome death? Could he kill the one he loves for his faith? How will he find happiness with Cathy together?


5. The Visit

The weather broke with James' departure. For, since the raid on Coaton Hall, it had rained incessantly pushed along with a brisk westerly wind.

Cathy, therefore, sat at her window looking mournfully at the grey countryside. When it brightened, she took the opportunity to ride out early. Carefully, she made her way towards the Thornton's home. Then, out of a hedgerow, a member of the local yeomanry emerged to challenge her passing. Yet she recognised him as one of her father's tenant farmers.

"You can't go further, my lady." He said with more certainty than he felt; his embarrassment was obvious.

"William Smeaton," she replied, "Did I not take soup to your wife when she was ill last year."

Then she rubbed it in with, "There was plague around too."

Smeaton looked even more uncomfortable. You could see the cogs going around in his mind. He decided, "Well, go if you must. But keep to the riverbank. There's no one guarding down there"

As she cantered on, he shouted, "Be quick too!"

The smell of baking bread greeted her as she went in through the Hall's kitchen door. The cook was bending over a roaring oven and a maid worked the butter churn. Before she had a chance to speak, Bess Thornton's clogs clattered on the stairs. Seeing the girl, the Mistress of Coaton, signalled her into a scullery.

"What's the news of James?"

"We've heard he got away to Holland," Bess said very quietly, " but nothing from him directly."

Her voice betrayed her concern. Cathy was at least relieved he had got away from England but shared the older woman's worry.

At that, there were raised voices in the kitchen demanding provisions for the guards.

"Look, you better go. I'll try and tell you if we hear more. But for your own safety, please don't come here again."

"Now put this on and grab a pail." And so, in a hooded maid's smock and milking pail, Cathy walked away without the pickets paying any attention.

It was mid-morning before she regained Barton Chrichley. There she found the place in an uproar and she was the cause.


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