Traitor's Love

The young and handsome, James Thornton joins a venture to put a Catholic Queen on the English throne. He is also deeply in love with Cathy Cordiner. However, she is a merchant's daughter betrothed to a noble advisor to the King. The outcome is the Gunpowder plot to blow up the King and Parliament including Cathy.

How can he escape a gruesome death? Could he kill the one he loves for his faith? How will he find happiness with Cathy together?


3. The Getaway

James, as his heart slowed, began to enjoy the ride. His objective was his sweetheart's home of Barton Critchley. Close by, that manor's lands abutted his own family's.

The countryside was empty except curious cattle and disinterested sheep. The peasant he encountered was his father's yeoman and would not betray him.

He held back his horse as they approached the half-timbered house protected by a moat. Then he found cover in a rude outhouse used for the hanging of game. Little stirred at the handsome dwelling before him. A maid opened a window and threw a chamber pot's content into the waters below. The gatehouse door opened and Cathy emerged with her dog in tow. As she approached, over dew soaked grass, he called gently. If she was startled she did not show it. Instead, she moved with a slow grace towards James' hiding place. Only when out of sight, did she rush into an embrace with the thin dark youth. He stroked her fair hair as they kissed. She needed no telling that he was in danger.

"I must get away from the shire, Cathy. The Sheriff will not rest until he has me under lock and key" The girl feared what he might now ask.

"You cannot stay here", she said emphatically

He understood that too well. For her father was a self-made man who said frequently and without embarrassment – "It's the proud oak that breaks". John Cordiner then had survived the swings from Roman Catholic to Protestant faiths of his various monarchs. More to the point, he now prospered under the rule of King James the First of England. There was no refuge for James Thornton here.

Continuing in their hug. James told her what she already suspected.

"I'm off to the Netherlands to fight for the Spaniards"

Cathy took a few moments to understand the significance of what James planned.

'But how can you, they are our enemies?" she pleaded.

He almost spat out, "I've to go somewhere that's not this country"

Calming down, James reassured her, "Look, the King is close to making a treaty with Philip. We'll have peace with Spain. " 

He caressed her in reassurance, "Trust me, it's going to be OK"

"Anyway, despite my problems with the law, I am no traitor to my country"

Then more darkly "Plus, things may change here"

She enquired no further and with one last kiss reluctantly let him go.

Leaving slowly, he vowed,"I'll be back for you, I promise."

Here rode off before he was discovered by the hostile household. He rode off into the adventure. 

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