Traitor's Love

The young and handsome, James Thornton joins a venture to put a Catholic Queen on the English throne. He is also deeply in love with Cathy Cordiner. However, she is a merchant's daughter betrothed to a noble advisor to the King. The outcome is the Gunpowder plot to blow up the King and Parliament including Cathy.

How can he escape a gruesome death? Could he kill the one he loves for his faith? How will he find happiness with Cathy together?


1. Prologue


Robert Catesby looked for the last time at his beloved Chastleton. He vowed revenge on King James I of England; he'd get the king he wanted and his faith would be triumphant.

So he planned to kill the whole of the English government with the infamous as the 'Gunpowder Plot'.

But even when you are conspiring to kill, you cannot calculate the power of love between a young couple.

This miscalculation would change history. 

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