Be Prepared - The True Story behind Scar's Villianous Plot

This is the story behind Scar's upbringing, his relationship with Mufasa, and the story behind what really happened that tragic afternoon with the wildebeest stampede, as told by Scar himself. (Title of Story comes from The Original "The Lion King Soundtrack," "Be Prepared"
Hope you enjoy!


2. The Beginning

Mufasa was not really my brother by blood. But all his life, I had treated him as one of our own, and for a long while, I felt as if nothing could seperate us.

I was born to my mother, Imani, and my father, Jaheem, an only son. My mother was originally carrying twins, but on the night we were born my younger and more weaker brother died before dawn. It broke my mother's heart, and she was never quite the same after that, but her name meant "faith" for a reason. She always hoped that one day she would carry another son or daughter, maybe a whole litter. But it was not to be.

One morning, out in the hot African sun, I was playing with some other cubs from my pride when I noticed a small body curled up against an acacia tree. It was barely moving, but I could see its chest moving up and down with great effort. If no one came around to help, whatever that was would soon die.

I tossed the dead mouse I was toying with to my playmates, Nani and Tobi, who pounced at it immediately as I made my way towards the tree.

"Where are you going, Ekon?" Nani looked up from knawing the mouse and stared at me with deep curiosity.

"Stay here. I'm going to check on something."

Nani shrugged and proceeded to follow close behind me.

"What did I just say? Have you no respect for your elders?"

You're only three years apart from me. Besides, I want to see what's happening."

"Very well, but stay quiet. You might frighten it away."


I gave no reply as I slunk behind the trunk of the tree. Nestled safely beside a small pool of water, was another lion cub. His golden fur was streaked with patches of mud. Bones broke through his skin. And his eyes remained closed.

"Is he dead!?" Nani exclaimed loudly.

"Hush! You're going to wake him and scare him away!"

But the cub had already began to stir. He moaned, stretched his hind legs, and tried to make sense of the sight before him as he regained consciousness. This cub looked a year or two older than me, but he clearly had been badly frightened by someone. His eyes grew larger and larger as he continued to say nothing.

"Hello!" Nani spoke cheerfully.

The cub panicked as he tried to climb up the tree, breathing heavily.

"It's all right, kid, we mean you no harm. I am Ekon, and this is my friend, Nani. What brings you here?"

The cub swallowed hard. "I am Mufasa. My parents, they were killed. The hunters shot them. My mother told me to run, and I never looked back. I've been on my own for days with no food, no water."

With that, he collapsed to the ground.

I picked him up by the scruff and brought him back to our den. My mother was overjoyed, and she took him and fed him, cleaned him, and called him her own.


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