Be Prepared - The True Story behind Scar's Villianous Plot

This is the story behind Scar's upbringing, his relationship with Mufasa, and the story behind what really happened that tragic afternoon with the wildebeest stampede, as told by Scar himself. (Title of Story comes from The Original "The Lion King Soundtrack," "Be Prepared"
Hope you enjoy!


1. Prologue




A prince had been born.

Music filled the African savannah as animals young and old, of any species, shape or size, traipsed across the lands to honour their newest and future ruler, Simba, firstborn to King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi. 

All the animals made their way towards the path to Pride Rock, their majesty (and  their royal advisors,) dwelling, making room for theoldest and wisest primate who ever walked the dusky African horizon, living in solitude, summoning spirits and concocting magic potions to heal the sick and dying. He saw all and knew all that happened in the Pride Lands, and was now being blessed with the greatest honour, presenting the future king.

Rafiki climbed up slowly, leaning heavily on his cane and occasionally pausing for breath, thanking each and every creature who cleared his path. 

Finally he reached the top, and without hesitation threw himself against his old friend, and they embraced heartily.

After a few moments the King strode next to his Queen, who looked down lovingly at her son, kissing his silky fur.The little cub, nestled close against his mother, turned to stare at the large gentle eyes before him. Smiling, Rafiki took his walking stick, shaking the coconut string,which Simba took a swipe at with one tiny paw. Taking the coconut, the elder split it open, revealing a thick red substance which he spread on the little princes forehead. With a tiny sprinkling of dust upon him, the cub sneezed.

Taking Simba into his arms, Rafiki made his way towards the edge of Pride Rock, and with one mighty lift, the youngest and so far most humble monarch had been  officially presented to his kingdom. 

Loud, joyous sounds rang throughout the Pride Lands. Loud enough, in fact, to wake one very disagreeable lion, the one subject who was not simply overcome with joy by his nephew's arrival.  He watched the celebration from his lowly, dismal cave, snarling  and tossing back his messy black mane, knowing he would never be next in line, knowing he would never amount to anything, and knowing soon his brother would be along to criticize him. 

His brother. His dear, dear big brother. 

Mufasa. How he hated him. How he despised him. What he did, even though it was  so very long ago, was unforgivable. 

Before slinking back into a dreamless sleep, Scar thought about how he would seek revenge, how he would make all of them pay, for his brother's horrible mistake. 

"Be prepared, dearest family, for the death of your king."



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