Shell Cottage

Dean Thomas is tall, goofy, and a slacker. Luna Lovegood is dreamy, bubbly, and thoughtful. Dean and Luna don't seem like a perfect couple, but during their stay at Shell Cottage, the two of them see sparks fly like never before.


1. Sunrise

Luna stared wistfully off into the distance. The ocean waves crashed softly against the sandy beach. The sky was a faint purple. Luna could just barely see the golden orange sun rising on the horizon.

At Luna's feet was a shimmering white stone. She could just make out the words in the dim light. "Here lies Dobby, a free elf." Luna smiled slightly. The kind elf had helped her escape that terrible place, and he was so brave.

Shell Cottage was a beautiful place. Luna felt serene and calm as she listened to the wind chimes in the distance. Suddenly, Luna heard quiet footsteps behind her. She kept looking out at the ocean as the footsteps drew nearer.

"Morning." said a low voice to Luna's right. She turned her head slightly. It was Dean Thomas. "Good morning, Dean!" Luna responded cheerily. Dean grinned and turned to face the ocean. The two of them stood there in silence for some time. Finally, Dean spoke.

"Luna, I was just wondering...why were you in that dungeon in he first place?" he asked.

"My father was supporting Harry Potter in his writing," Luna began, "So they kidnapped me to keep him in line!" she finished brightly.

Dean snorted. "Don't sound too depressed about it." he said. Luna smiled slightly. "It was rather scary," she said softly. "Being in that dungeon for so long."

Dean glanced over at Luna and frowned. "I'm sure it was very scary." he said reassuringly. Luna nodded.

"It was so dark and cold. And that Bellatrix woman is quite awful." she whispered.

Dean reached over and put his arm around Luna. She sniffed and wiped at her eyes. "But enough about me," she said with a chuckle. "You've been on the run for ages." Luna turned to look up at Dean. "What was that like?" she asked.

Dean shrugged. "It was alright. Finding food was hard. The group I was traveling with was pretty savvy. A couple of goblins and some full grown wizards know how to get stuff done." Dean finished with a chuckle. "The worst part was the dementors. They were everywhere, in all the muggle villages. We had to stay in fields and farms." Dean continued. Luna nodded, still looking Dean in the eye.

Dean laughed at Luna's intense stare. "What? Do I have something on my face?" he asked. Luna shook her head.

"I was just noticing your eyes." she said dreamily. "They're quite beautiful."

Dean blushed. "Thanks, Luna." he said quietly.

"You're welcome!" she said happily. Luna then turned toward the ocean again. She rested he head on Dean's shoulder and sighed. Dean glanced down at Luna's dirty blonde hair and grinned. He readjusted his arm position and pulled Luna closer.

Then the two of them watched the sun rise over the ocean together.

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