The Purple Daisy

*First short story I've written in a while so bare with me! It's a rather dark topic so if anyone thinks I've done the rating wrong please say!*
For the Reincarnation competition. Occasional strong language.
Demons are parasites, latching onto souls throughout the centuries. Angels are here to rid the world of these demons, but at a price for humanity.


7. Chapter 7

“We will watch over you.”

This is the last thing I heard in that clearing. I wake up the next day in a hospital bed.

A nurse notices my eyes flutter open and rushes to a button by the bed. I think she’s asking me some questions, but I feel too light to understand her whispers. She’s too far away from me.

I let my head fall to one side. My eyes glide over the room until they land on a feather sat on the window sill.

For the first time in a while, I smile a genuine smile. I close my eyes once more and when I open them, the Earth had come crashing down back onto me. I can breathe. My heart is drumming a normal rhythm. My smile is real.

As more doctors and nurses come barging in, my smile doesn’t move. I remember my parent’s laughter on that day by the beach. Today, I will do nothing but remember the laughter and remember that feather.

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