Blue Skies

A Year after the Giant War is over Piper has left Jason for a Hermes kid and Will and Nico never dated and One Day Jason sees Nico training and Nico catches his eye and gives a sly smile and returns to his work Little did Nico know that smile would lead to something bigger


1. The Breakup


"So you mean to tell me that you have been cheating on me and you want to break up to be with the guy you cheated on my with" Jason sat on his bed head in his hands on the verge of tears because he just found out the woman he wanted to marry and have kids with someday is breaking up with him for a Hermes kid out of all the campers A HERMES KID! "Jason I'm Sorry I really am" Piper said with a hint of guilt "GET OUT NOW!" he yelled tears streaming down his face pointing toward the door and she let herself out and he sat there the rest of the day crying himself to sleep wondering what it would be like to be normal for once



(Sorry I know this is a short first chapter but it will get better!)

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