Mates Of Faith

Niana knows who her mate is, it was chosen for her before her birth, she will create the Red Moon pack with Ramuel, but when an old friend of Niana shows up after 11 years.
Suddenly everything is turned upside down. How much can their newborn pack handle when suddenly they have been chosen to take the lone wolf into their pack, that once had been a alpha too. There is only room for two alphas in a pack.


4. The Ceremony

Before we even arrived, we heard the music and laughter from the other packs that are gathered here. When I stepped outside of the car, the strong smell of alcohol and sweat hit my nose. I wanted to get drunk as soon as possible so it wouldn't bother me anymore. But this wasn't a party for me to have fun and relax; it would be awkward to be so tipsy that I fell over my own paws at the ceremony.
I knew that Krian and Ember would die of laughter, while I would think about how deep to dig to get to China and how hard to kick them in human form to send them hurtling to Russia. 
Maylin and Ember came up on each side of me and locked our arms together.
“Let’s go find Ramuel." Ember pulled me towards the party.
We walked down the little road and through the trees; all the packs were gathered round in merriment. They were dancing, playing, and talking to old friends. I immediately caught Ramuel's scent between the mixed smells of different alcohol and wolves. Must be a mate thing.
He danced with his sister, twirling her around while she laughed.
He had always been good with pups; he's older than me. But even before we heard about the arrangement with us being mates, when we were pups ourselves, he would always take the time to play with me.  He was two years older than me, which is still a lot when there were so many other pups on his age.  Like Anlica, Ramuel's sister is nineteen.
Sometimes, I couldn't help but wonder why Anlica wasn’t the one picked to become his mate. They are very similar: kind, thoughtful and down to earth. Ramuel is the exact opposite of me in many ways.
I daydreamed so much, it was a surprise I don’t run into trees more often.
Our eyes lock across the room and Ramuel smiled at me, waving me over.
Giggling, Ember pushed me towards the dance floor. I growled at her to stop.
She knew I looked like an elk on ice whenever I tried to dance.
Ramuel laughed because he knew how bad I was, but this wasn't the night to start a argument over a little dance.
His hair shined like silver in the brim light cast by the candles and torches. I made my way to him. Ramuel grinned, "Is the glitter for me?" He brushed a lock out of my face, and showed me his glitter-covered hand. I blushed and silently cursed Maylin and Ember.
"No, it isn't for you." I brushed his hand off with my dress. "I got attacked with glitter." Maylin and Ember were dying of laughter. The glitter is the exact color as Ramuel’s hair. It wasn't uncommon for some wolves' hair to be different from normal humans; it was because of their fur. But Ramuel’s hair has always stood out, like Ember's. She had been born a white with double merle spots, so it was no surprise that when she finally turned, her hair was white as snow. But that was the intention of the Gamma-Alphas. She was my cousin, but her mother, my father's sister, mated with a normal wolf because of the lack of male-Alphas at the time. She basically stayed in my father’s pack, and mated with his beta.
Ramuel laughed when I told him about the glitter bomb, and put his hand on my hip and twirled me around like he did with his sister. I tried not to step on his foot. “Niana, always look the person you're dancing with in the eyes.” He smiled, lifting my chin up with a finger. I grinned at him, glancing down on our moving feet.
“We both know I will stomp on your foot sooner or later.” I glanced down. “But that doesn’t mean I can't try not to." I looked into his eyes, and we both burst out laughing.
“Well at least you two aren’t so scared that you can't have fun.” I glanced over my shoulder too see one of Ramuel’s father's pack members.  “Myra, maybe you should relax and join the fun.” Ramuel said and spun her around.
Myra and I laughed at how relaxed he is. Admittedly, I was just as nervous as Myra. No one knew who they would have to go home with when the sun rose. If it wasn’t for Ramuel’s stoic personality, he would probably be the one most terrified; the beta was his sister so she couldn't go with him to the pack.
Not only was she one day going to have her own pack, but she was too young - only fifteen years. But even if he was nervous, Ramuel would never show it because he always put the pack's well-being before his own - something I admired a lot. He knew that if he revealed his feelings, they would affect the others.
The rest of the night, I chatted with other Alpha leaders, and hung out with my friends, trying to be calm like Ramuel. But when the ceremony began, my heartbeat quickened and the smell of anxiety hung in the air. It came from all the younger pack members that were soon to find out where they belonged.
Anlica and Seizo completed the ceremony bonding them as mates first, leaving me to stand beside Ramuel. I grew more and more restless until our fingers entwined.
“Don’t worry, partner.” I looked at him. He gave me that nickname after we first saw a western movie with cowboys that kept calling each other partner. “You going to do fine, and if you trip, I promise to pick you up after I have laughed.” Giggling, I smacked his shoulder, but relaxed. He always knew what he have to say to make me feel better.
I cheered with the rest when they fulfilled the ceremony, and approached the Gamma-alphas. I bowed respectfully before turning to Ramuel. We smiled at each other, finally reaching the moment we've long been anticipating.
I couldn’t have gotten a better mate than him. Not only was he one of my best friends, but he would never push me into something I wouldn't be ready for. He would be an amazing Alpha.
If only one day, we could learn to love each other, then everything would be perfect.
All eyes were on us, the excitement and joy so strong I could taste it.
Ramuel moved closer to me and I leaned my head, giving him access to my neck. Murmurs spread across the crowd, the guests wondering about a scent they couldn't recognize on the territory. Worry exuded from the Gamma-Alphas. Ramuel paused and they shot him a glare, telling him to proceed. Ramuel has become concerned, too; his father’s scent has gotten heavier from anxiety when he received news of the lone wolf. So without thinking, I removed Ramuel's black shirt from his body and bite hard into his neck. The taste of copper, salt and something sweet hit my tongue when my teeth pierced through the soft skin.
I removed my mouth and look at the clear teeth marks that soon would become a scar, showing he had a mate and linking us together. I heard cheers from the crowd, and applause when he turned around to show my mark. I couldn't help but feel a little proud. For a short second, everyone forgot about the intruder, and howls could be heard from all over the clan’s territory when the news reached them that both ceremonies soon will be completed.
I looked down to see my parents' proud faces, while Krian chanted my name like I had just brought down an elk on my own. Ramuel took hold of my chin and pressed his lips on the side of my neck. His teeth grazed the delicate skin before his fangs and teeth sank in..
But the cheers turned to stopped when something crashed into the field. All eyes were now on the body laying there. Screams rip through the crowd when it suddenly began to move. Ramuel flew in front of me, like he wants to protect me, and we all realized that its a guy with short, espresso-colored hair when he sat up.
He was surrounded by growling, snarling wolves that have followed his scent here. “I’m not here to cause trouble! I'm here to talk to your Gamma-Alphas." He lifted his arms, trying to show he meant no harm. All the elder Alphas have turned into their wolf form; they had transformed when he crashed into the field. Some appeared behind us to protect the Gamma-Alphas while others surrounded the wolf. I looked over Ramuel’s shoulder at the wolf who sat there, trying to look as friendly as he can.
I move away from Ramuel leaving him to stay with the elders, and walk towards the intruder, now being one of the only Alphas in human form that is able to talk to him.
“Why are you searching for our Gamma-Alphas? What do you seek by intruding our territory, lone wolf?” I demanded and instantly felt the change in his attitude. This wolf was no ordinary wolf - he used to be an Alpha.
But surprisingly, he kept his indignity in check, much better than I would have done.
He still hadn't looked at me, waiting for the wolves to attack him. I sniffed, trying to figure out who he is and where he may come from. There aren't any other clans nearby that he could have been a part of. Alphas were rare, even in clans older than ours, and ever became lone wolves. The pack wouldn't have just let him go, so there were only two possibilities as to why he was a lone wolf: he had broken one of the five rules or Shapeshifters had destroyed his clan. Suddenly, a familiar scent hit my nose - pine needles. 
The wolf finally looked at me, and I couldn't help but smile when I see those familiar golden eyes.

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