Mates Of Faith

Niana knows who her mate is, it was chosen for her before her birth, she will create the Red Moon pack with Ramuel, but when an old friend of Niana shows up after 11 years.
Suddenly everything is turned upside down. How much can their newborn pack handle when suddenly they have been chosen to take the lone wolf into their pack, that once had been a alpha too. There is only room for two alphas in a pack.


1. Prologue

Long before humans existed, there were the packs. The wolves have gone into hiding over the years in fear of the humans that called them werewolves. Half wolf, half human.
Now they live in the woods, or high in the mountains, isolated from the humans.
Protecting their own kind as well as themselves, these werewolves have, over time, become myths, legends, and films so much that no one really knows what they are anymore. Werewolves are not ruled by the full moon; they can turn as they like, between their human body or their wolf. Where the legends goes wrong, is that they think that werewolves are humans transformed into werewolves, where the truth is the opposite. All werewolves are born as wolves, but later in their life they will become able to transform to humans.
When a werewolf gets pregnant, her hormones will make her body unable to turn from her wolf form, making all werewolves born as pups.
The pups will not be able to turn human before their teen years and will remain in their wolf form, except alphas.
They will turn at a younger age than the others.
When a werewolf turns, a ceremony will be held, making them able to switch back and forth between the bodies. That will hold until a werewolf is too old to turn human again, and they will live the rest of their lives in their wolf form, and become a Gamma-Alpha.
They are seen as the wisest of all, and their rules are law.
Every werewolf follows the Gamma-Alphas, even the Alphas for each pack. They are of highest rank. They are the ones that make sure rules are followed, ceremonies are held, and mates are chosen between Alphas for new packs.
All packs are lead by the Gamma-Alphas around the world. Gamma-Alphas command ten to fifteen packs. It depends on their territory, because each pack has their own. Werewolves normally get pregnant with one at a time, making alphas rare, and precious.
Every pack will birth an alpha that then will get a mate to make a new pack.
Werewolves will soon be extinct because of their enemy, the shape shifters. Shape shifters want the land the werewolves possess, and will kill packs—even Gamma-Alphas—to get it, driving many clans to extinction.
Shape shifters are creatures that can turn into bears, and they only gather together when they start a war for land. Werewolves are better warriors because they live in packs, but enough shape shifters can kill an entire clan.

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