Mates Of Faith

Niana knows who her mate is, it was chosen for her before her birth, she will create the Red Moon pack with Ramuel, but when an old friend of Niana shows up after 11 years.
Suddenly everything is turned upside down. How much can their newborn pack handle when suddenly they have been chosen to take the lone wolf into their pack, that once had been a alpha too. There is only room for two alphas in a pack.


5. New Pack Members

I stood and stared at him. I couldn't believe it. After eleven years, I actually got to meet him again! I pushed a warrior from the Half Moon pack away to get into the circle.
“Niana, what are you doing? He’s a lone wolf! You don’t know him!” Krian hissed. I walked to the wolf, and held out my hand. He looked at it in surprise before taking it, and I help him up. 
“Actually, I do know him." I turned to face the Gamma-Alphas, the ones who would sentence him death for being in our territory, or grant him mercy and let him pass unharmed with a warning to not do it again. This wolf was not the first lone wolf that tried crossing our territories. “That time I got kidnapped by humans as a pup, and turned. He had saved me and brought me home. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn't have survived," I declared, loud and clear for all to hear; everyone knew the story.
The Gamma-Alphas learned from that experience; humans wandered more than they did fifty years ago. The Gamma-Alphas had created the clan on this territory, after the last one had been taken over by shapeshifters. Now there are wolves patrolling the lines of our domain, making sure that no human would come so far into our land again.
Confused, the wolves mumbled and glanced at one another, then turned to the alphas for their decision. No one moved a muscle.
Ramuel’s voice cut through the silence. “After saving her that day, why did you leave? Why did you help her?” That was something I had always wondered myself, and Ramuel knew it.
He had been the one to find me after all, when I came back to the territory. Golden eyes gleamed with a curiosity I had never seen before. But it was his first time, like many others, meeting an outsider. Mother, who had come from another clan, took me to visit other clans because of the lack of alphas in ours. Almost the entire clan was killed trying to protect the Gamma-Alphas and save their territory. The number of Alphas was smaller than ever, so the Gamma-Alphas made a deal with another pack to switch an alpha, which they do a couple of times each era to get new blood into the clan. My mother had been that one with her beta Nahua, but she still visited her old clan and when I had tagged along when I was younger.
The clan used to be a lot bigger. The wolves that had survived formed packs under the alphas that had survived, creating three packs that grew into more packs. Eventually they grew into seven packs, including my pack and Anlica's.
My mother and father did not love each other, just like Ramuel and me.
But where Ramuel and I were friends, my parents' relationship was built on mutual respect and love for me and the pack. I knew the Gamma-Alphas hoped Ramuel and I would fall in love, because a pack under alphas that loved each other was the strongest.
But they did expect us, at the very least, to be like my parents and make it work.
My jumbled thoughts crashed around my brain, wrecking havoc on everything. I failed to realize that some of the Gamma-Alphas had to talk in private. I looked over at Ramuel, who stood still, with two Gamma-alphas that would become the ears for the rest.
“I ran away because of fear. I was from another clan that doesn’t exist anymore; the shape shifters destroyed them.” The lone wolf's voice is thick and heavy with sadness. "I came seeking a new clan to join, when I found a young pup lost from its pack. Out of fear, I left because I knew you all would immediately would realize that I wasn’t from your clan or any of the packs.”
I nodded, remembering how I had thought his presence odd. "You kept me warm through the night and brought me back. That would have been a great moment to introduce yourself," I said, tilting my head. He smiled. “I was fifteen and stupid. Not only that, but I was an alpha. I thought that the Gamma-Alphas wouldn't accept me, and I didn't want to ask and risk getting chased off." He glanced at his hands before looking me in the eyes. “I had lived with the humans until now. I could not handle being alone, so any company had been appreciated. Now I am so old, and I need not humans, but a clan, a place to belong." His gaze strayed from me and landed on the Gamma-Alphas, who stood there in rapt attention—we all did. Not only was this lone wolf seeking to join our clan, but he had been with the humans. He had broken rules one and two: never interact with a human and never go to a human city.
If only I had been older and had thought more on why he was there, he could have asked the clan sooner. Ramuel came up beside me, like a guardian protecting me. I couldn't believe I hadn't realized he had been an alpha, but my senses were very weak in some places because of my young age.
“What is your name?” Ramuel asked, looking down at the wolves that now let down their guard, clearly knowing something we, in our human forms, didn't. Golden Boy noticed it too, and his tense shoulders relaxed and the smell of fear and anxiety dissipated. 
“My name is Ezra. I was from the Howling pack in a forest far from here.” He looked into the horizon, like if he looked long enough, he would be able to see his old home.
“I have come to seek refuge in your clan, and perhaps become a member one day.” He met each alpha's eyes. 
I doubted the clan ever had dealt with this situation, at least not with an lone alpha. But how could the Gamma-Alpha refuse Ezra when there are so few alphas? Every alpha mattered because they helped create new packs.
Ezra would bring new blood to the clan and help it grow. But he was still an outsider, and has been a lone wolf with humans for so long. Could he be trusted?
I looked at Ramuel’s sister, Emilia, who was of the two alphas left without a pack.
But the other alpha is also female, which meant we lacked a male alpha, so Ezra was like a present from heaven in our time of need. Switching alphas, like what happened with my mom, was something that did not happen often, so we would have two alpha females without an alpha male to create another packs. And that’s a problem. There was strength in packs; the more, the better.
If he was accepted, another pack could be created if Erza became mates with Emilia or Hannish. But a pack and clan was based on trust. I sighed, becoming frustrated over my own thoughts since both sides had their points. The Gamma-Alphas could decide to try or play the safe card by refusing. Suddenly, the other Gamma-Alphas appear, and they all turned towards Ezra.
“Turn so you can talk to them.” He nodded, staring at me like he couldn't believe I was the girl he found that night. I have grown since that time.
Everyone that wasn't in wolf form scattered to find a place to turn in privacy. The process required us to remove our clothes if we didn't want to ruin them. When I returned in my wolf form, I felt like my heads was about to explode with all the talking. Krian came up to my side and licked my snout nervously. What do you think they will choose? he questioned, staying close to me. I shook my fur back into place, not sure how to answer because I didn't know myself.
I don't know, but I'm sure we will find out. 
All eyes turned towards the Gamma-Alphas, who stood there looking at the crowd of wolves.
The crowd silenced, awaiting the words from the elders.
First of all, Ezra, we want to thank you for helping our young alpha home so many years ago. Gamma-Alpha Silas looked at Ezra with his bright green eyes. We have come to our decision, but you have disturbed a very special night for us all. And we would prefer to fulfill the ceremony before taking care of you. He turned to Ramuel and me.
Niana and Ramuel, future alphas of the Red Moon pack, I will now tell you your pack's members. Nervousness lingered in the air while the younger wolves waited to hear where they would go. Ramuel and I stood a little outside the crowd and I couldn't help but scan over the familiar faces in the mass.
Gamma-Alpha Milas walked forward, his graying black gleaming in the moonlight, and gestured to us. Ember of the Blue Moon pack, join your new pack. I hear her relived sigh when she made her way toward us. I licked her ear to welcome her, hearing Ramuel greeting her too in my mind. Valm of the Blue Moon pack, join your sister. He howled joyfully, bounding over to us, causing the older wolves to laugh over.  Ember nuzzled him when he, grinning and wagging his tail, stood beside her.
Malak from the Black moon pack, join your pack. All heads turned to the crowd, where a lone honey-blond wolf silently shuffled towards us. Welcome to the pack, Ramuel said, moving over to the nervous wolf and pushing his face against the male's in a wolf hug.
Myra soon joined us, and I feel the happiness from Ramuel when she joined our pack. Myra wasn't like many others. She was aggressive at times, and Ramuel was the only one that could handle her belligerence.
Skye, a cherry red wolf from Ramuel’s old pack, came over us. I nuzzle her, glad that she joined. She was one of the best young hunters in all the packs, and would be a valued member. Neil, an amber-colored wolf, came towards us, contemplating our pack. Then came Maylin. I held my breathe, my heartbeat quickening as I waited for the Gamma-Alphas' decision. Soon, it came, their words slicing through the air. Maylin was in a different pack! I gasped and looked at my friend, knowing how heartbroken she is. The sadness filled Ember's while she watched Maylin join her new pack. I licked her comfortingly. Don’t worry Ember, she be happy in her new pack. 
When all young wolves had been placed in their new packs, we all turned to the lone wolf that had uttered a word through it all.
Ezra, you will be allowed to join this clan, Gamma-Alpha Sabrina said, but you must understand we do not know if you can be trusted yet, so we will put you in a pack, to see if you fit this clan.
A wise decision: the alphas of the pack could keep a close eye on him.
They would he is fit to be an alpha, as it has been so long since he has been with others.
You will join the Red Moon pack. Outraged, everyone yelled that he should be in a older pack with more experienced alphas, instead of in a new pack.
Ramuel and I glanced at each other, our eyes wide.
This isn't good. I know he saved me, but we are so new! How can we be able to handle this?
He licked my face, trying to calm me down. Trust the Gamma-Alphas; they know what they're are doing. We can do this. I felt the anxiety from the others, and sent them a message to stay calm, when suddenly, I heard a roar. Silence! It has been decided! We will not tolerate this kind of talk! He will join their pack, and we will see how it goes, before making the decision to give him his own mate and pack. All voices quiet after the words from the Gamma-Alpha.
I glimpsed at Ezra and realized he is looking at me. I signaled for him to join us, and he slowly obeyed, the whole clan's eyes following him.
The crowd nervously parted, causing a rustle of footsteps. His ears were flat against his head. He crouched down in front of me, averting his eyes to show submission. Ramuel sniffed him quickly before saying, Welcome to the pack, Ezra. 





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