Mates Of Faith

Niana knows who her mate is, it was chosen for her before her birth, she will create the Red Moon pack with Ramuel, but when an old friend of Niana shows up after 11 years.
Suddenly everything is turned upside down. How much can their newborn pack handle when suddenly they have been chosen to take the lone wolf into their pack, that once had been a alpha too. There is only room for two alphas in a pack.


3. Glitter

“I just don’t get it. It is a formality; we all know who our mates are going to be,” I declared, watching my mother throw clothes all over the floor in search of a dress. I already know one is hidden under my madras. She stuck her head out, a black t-shirt in one hand, and shot me a look of frustration. I have got a no-dresses policy.
“It's also a way for the different packs to welcome the two new packs that will be formed,” she sighed after having to tell me it for the hundredth time, “and for you to find out who from the other packs is going to join yours.” She held up an old red hoodie filled with holes and gave me an exasperated look, like she simply didn't understand why I couldn't dress like a lady.
It was not like I hated dresses and accessories, but it was hell trying to take them off. I have to turn human each time in order to not to rip the clothes. It was much easier with a shirt and a pair of pants. Also, if I accidentally tore one, it was not the end of the world because I have ten identical pairs in my closet. Suddenly, Ember and Maylin crashed through the door with grins on their faces. Before my mother and I can ask why they aren't at home getting ready, a glitter bomb went off.
Stunned, my mother and I stand there, covered in grey sparkly glitter, while they laughed hysterically.
“Surprise and hurray!” they yelled in unison, “for soon to become officially mated!”
I stared at them, not sure if I should join the laughter or scold them for covering my room with glitter. My mother ran her fingers through her hair to get out the glitter.
“Well, ladies, that was a surprise." She gave them a strained smile. “Perhaps since you are here, you can help me find the dress I know Niana has hidden somewhere?” I freeze and stare at her; it didn't surprise me she knew I hid it, but that she didn't call me out on it. They search the my different hiding spots from over the years. I sit on my bed with crossed legs, trying to find a way to get all that glitter off; I don’t want to go to the party looking like a disco globe.
“Aren’t you excited to finally get paired with Ramuel?” Maylin asked, throwing the stockings she and I had hidden behind my dresser on my bed. I shrugged. I like Ramuel.
He is one of my best friends, even though we don’t live in the same pack and his territory is quite far. My parents had decided, even before my birth, that if they had a girl, she would become his mate. They always made sure that we met regularly as children, before we could travel between the territories ourselves.
“I suppose I am, but I'm even more curious about who is going to be in the pack.”
Whether Ramuel and I can ever get the special bond alphas share that is essential for a great pack, I don’t know.
Mother once told me that every newborn pack has its hardships, new alpha, new pack members.
But it was important that Ramuel and I stay controlled and rule the pack, even though it may become difficult because the members are around our age. They are subordinates before friends.
After a while, I get thrown away from my bed and Ember found the crimson red halter dress Mother ordered for this special occasion. I somehow forced myself into the stockings and tight dress with a little stomach sucking, and sat down in front of my mirror on my mother’s commands. She sent the girls home to get ready before starting on my hair.
“I love the fact you got your fathers pitch black hair," she said while brushing it, "but you didn't need to get the thickness, too,” I couldn't help but smile over the familiar sentence; she always complained about how thick and wavy my hair is every time she brushed it. But I knew she loved to do it anyway.
For the first time the entire day, I actually came to realize that this is our last time doing so. Tomorrow morning, I will move away to my own territory with my new pack.
I started to get nervous; can I handle being an alpha? Did all that ignoring what they told me going to bite me in the ass? Am I even a good alpha? I don’t know if she saw my worried expression or what made her realize how tense I became, but she squeezed my shoulder, muttering, “Love, everything is going to be alright," She arranged my hair into a French twist. “It’s natural being a little nervous; this is a big night for you.” My walked over to my closet, retrieved the only pair of wedges I owned, and handed them to me with a calming smile. I couldn't help but feel relaxed by it; she had never been wrong before, so why should she start that now? I zipped up the black wedges before turning towards my little dragon shrine, searching for the silver heart Ramuel gave me on my fifteen birthday.
I don’t know how he persuaded one of the Gamma-Alphas betas to buy it for him.
They are the only ones allowed to go to human cities; to gather the supplies the clan needs and get broken things fixed.
We walked downstairs where Father and the others teens have gathered for the ceremony.
I look at each of their faces, knowing that some of them will not be in my pack and we will stop being a family. Our group isn't big: only seven because it's only the teens over sixteen that can join a new pack.
The rest have to wait for another pack to be created before leaving this pack.
But only if the Gamma-Alphas decide that they shouldn’t leave their parents' pack.
Krian walked over to me. He whispered, “You look stunning.” I grinned and slapped him on the shoulder. "I hope so. I didn't wear this torture device for nothing.” He cracked a smile, shaking his head. The others giggled, excited and nervous. This was a big day for us all. No one knew who they would be with in a pack.
Except me. Krian will be my beta.
He will follow me to the new pack, but the rest don't know if they will end in mine or Anlica and Seiza’s. That’s what the ceremony will be about, who will end in whose pack and linking me and Ramuel as mates.
Ember and Maylin shared terrified looks, and I know why.
They were best friends and have been since we were pups. I was also close to them, but it had always been them against the world. I didn't have the time to play as much as they did, with all the work that rested upon an alpha in training.
I took one last look at my mother and father. They stood there, gazing proudly at the young pups they helped raise, now venturing out to get a new pack. I took a deep breath, mustered my courage, and walked to my friends and some soon-to-be pack members.
“Alright guys, let us not embarrass ourselves and the Blue Moon pack by acting like a couple of scared pups when we get there,” I declare, looking each of them in the eye to get the message through. “We may not all be the same pack when the sun rises, but we will always be family.” They all nodded, smiling. Ember took her little brother Valm’s  hand and squeezed it before we all headed towards the cars.
"Niana, why do you have glitter in your hair?"

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