Camp of Legend Part 7

A year has passed since several campers arrived at Camp Crystal Lake. When Abby Reiss and her friends arrive at the camp, they're stalked by Jason Voorhees, who still vows revenge on those who go there.


1. Camp Crystal Lake


The girl was scared. She glanced at the group of campers, as she headed towards the empty cabins. A full moon was in the night sky; the glowing filled her face. Then she heard the sound of laughter coming from the warm fire; the summer heat was stifling. "Abby, when will you come back?", Charles asked. "Soon", she answered. He nodded; he was eager to impress her with his lame jokes. He hadn't come all of the way to Camp Crystal Lake since last summer. She was eager to seek out the cold lake, and swim. He knew the old story about how Jason Voorhees drowned in the lake back in nineteen fifty-seven when he was eleven. He walked to the cabins. Suddenly he saw a tall figure holding a hammer in his right hand. "HEY! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE...", he yelled. Before he could do anything, the man held up his hammer in his right hand...and brought it downward. Charles screamed; then he died knowing that he saw Jason Voorhees huffing and puffing, as the terror of Friday the 13th continued to spread evil at the camp.

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