Camp of Legend Part 7

A year has passed since several campers arrived at Camp Crystal Lake. When Abby Reiss and her friends arrive at the camp, they're stalked by Jason Voorhees, who still vows revenge on those who go there.


2. Abby



​One year later....

Friday, June 13, 2015.


Abby was nervous. She hadn't imagined the grief over her boyfriend's untimely death. In her mind, Charles was her future. She gazed out of the orange van's glass window. "It's going to be fine, Ed". Ed Harris shook his head. He didn't think that she wanted to date him; she saw the ​Camp Crystal Lake, Est. 1935​ sign. Abby, who was sixteen, cast a glum look on her face; Ed, who was seventeen, was driving the van past it at forty miles per hour. By nine o'clock AM, the two teenagers were the new camp counsellors for the summer. As they headed towards the Native American totem poles, Abby saw the old cabins. "Halt!", she uttered. Then, as Ed drove to the office, the searing heat had taken its eventual toll on them.


Bryan Franklin shivered.

He hadn't thought everyone wanted, (or needed), to think that the camp was terrible. "There's a lot of things wrong with Camp Crystal Lake, like the death curse", Shona James said. He shrugged. "I don't believe in death curses", Bryan said. He looked at the Crystal Lake Diner. Several cars were in the full carpark; several more were near the Gas Station, as he stopped near there to fill in the gas. Once he paid for it, Bryan closed the front door. Then he drove towards Camp Crystal Lake.


Abby watched the cabins. She took off her seatbelt. Then she closed the door. Once she did that, she grabbed a key from her pink purse. Before she could open it, Ed smiled at her. "Shona and Bryan will be here soon", he said; Abby nodded. "That's good. They're dating, I think". Ed grinned. "Yeah, one month today". He wore a vintage CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE, 1958 yellow T-shirt. His blue shorts kept him comfortable. Abby also was wearing the same yellow T-shirt, red shorts, and black flip-flops on her feet. When they reached the cabins, the hot sun beat down on their they applied enough sunscreen over their faces, arms, legs, and feet. Abby suddenly waved at the black van. "HEY, BRYAN! SHONA!", Abby shouted. Bryan and Shona stared at them. They took off their seatbelts, then opened the doors, and headed towards their friends.


Ed smiled.

"Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake. I'm Ed. Abby and I are the new camp counsellors. As you know the camp is cursed due to the bad things that've happened over a long period of time. Once everyone's settled down, we can go exploring". And they all nodded, as they didn't see Jason Voorhees watching them from afar in the dark woods.


Abby stared at the cabins. She finished walking. As she did so, she frowned. Up ahead, she watched Jason. Before she could do anything, she saw the figure disappear. "What's wrong, Abby?", he asked her. "I saw Jason; I saw him", she answered him. Ed looked at the woods. "I don't see him". He frowned. Suddenly they saw the other campers place their luggage under their bunks. Five minutes later, they walked to the glistening water of the lake; they saw the black ladder that was underneath the water. Then, as they changed clothes, all of them jumped into the cool water...and swam before lunch time had arrived.



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