The black rose.

A young teenaged girl from another country had moved to Brussels, Belgium and befriends a young reporter but what he doesn't know is that she's hiding a secret.
Tintin@copyright Herge.


3. The next day.

The next day we visited Tintin in the hospital and he was already out of bed no bandages from yesterday! *Wow this kid heals fast!* I thought Tintin was talking to a few doctors until he turns and saw me "Nicole! Snowy!" He cried he was happy to see both me and Snowy the young Fox Terrier happily leapt into his owners arms and licked him on the face. Bandit sat on my shoulders chittering Zelda eye has now fully healed and was no longer purple as the doctors dismissed the reporter and he hugged me! I blushed a red colour "thank you if you hadn't patched me up I would've lost too much blood and I would've been stuck in here on a drip" He smiles letting go of me "u um you're welcome Tintin I couldn't of let you die like that epically when you have a cute dog to look after" I replied as Snowy happily let out a yip and wagged his tail. "Anything on that man yet?" Tintin asks "no Zelda can't remember a thing she said she blacked out or something" I replied he mouthed an oh "well I guess we should head back to the apartments Mrs Finch might be worrying about me" suggests Tintin "you're right we better head back" I said as Bandit climbed on my shoulders as we started heading back to the apartments it was 6 minute walk but I can manage.

On the way  a man rudely pushed me backwards and I fell with a thud on the concrete footpath "rude much!" I exclaimed "Tintin looks at me after exchanging glances with the man he comes over and helps me up but we didn't notice a green Ford driving up from behind us as Tintin help me up and before we knew it we were shot at! "Get down!" Tintin told us as we all got down Tintin above me as the bullets hit the wall Bandit hissing and Snowy barking and trying to run after the fiends I blushed (again!) as Tintin got up "are you ok?" the boy reporter asks me as he helped me up "I'm fine thanks to you" I replied grabbing hold of his hand and he helped me up. Snowy comes back holding something in his mouth Zelda gets up as I brushed off dust on my jeans "what do you have there Snowy?" asks Tintin as he grabs what Snowy has in his mouth it had French writing so I was hopeless at reading it "Syldavia, 114 FlashFord Road, Boduria" Tintin read out aloud "Syldavia? our father had business trip there once" Zelda said "Zelda hush what does it mean Tintin?" I asked. "I don't know but there is certainly an address on here maybe we should go to Marlinspike Hall for clues I have a friend who lives there" Tintin replied.

"Ok whatever you say Tintin" I said that's when Zelda started singing that embarrassing song "Tintin and Nicolette sitting in a tree k-I-S-S-I-N-G first comes love then comes marriage then comes (I shut her mouth before she mentioned any babies)" I realised Tintin was blushing as well. "Hehe little kids huh? well lets get going" I said  "um right" Tintin replied as we started heading off I did a death glare at Zelda who poked her tongue at me but as soon as Tintin turned she acted all innocent. Snowy and Bandit trotted alongside us it took us 40 minutes walk to get the location but I let out a sigh of relief as we started walking down a driveway it was starting to get slightly cold as I shivered *I knew I should've brought my bandana or coat if I knew it was gonna be this cold* I thought as a chill went up my spine Tintin notices and turns "are you cold? it does get chilly here want to borrow my coat?" Tintin asks.

"Oh I couldn't Tintin you'll freeze it's fine" I replied "no insist you can borrow my coat" Tintin replies taking off his coat "no really Tintin its fine if I take it you'll probably freeze from pneumonia" I said *boy do I sound like his mother oh wait!* I started. "trust me it'll take more than pneumonia to stop me" Tintin urged as he wrapped his coat around my shoulders I stopped shivering as he did "thank you" I replied *hey I'm not that rude* Tintin gave me his cute smile. We were now at the entrance as Tintin presses a doorbell and a voice came from the other side "oh its you Tintin and who's this young maiden with you?" asks a bold butler "why is your head bold?" asks Zelda I blushed and covered her mouth I am deeply sorry my sister can be a little devil sometimes" I said the butler stares but then gave a smile "no trouble" he said "this is Nicolette I've just met her a day before yesterday she moved here from America she is my flatmate and this is her little sister, Zelda and her pet Raccoon, Buddy" Tintin says I smiled nervously and waved.
The butler smiles "come in make yourselves at home I'll notify the captain that your here" he replied "thank you Nestor" Tintin adds before the butler walked off upstairs Zelda walks around in awe at the mansion I signalled her to come over to us I knelt down to her "please be on your best behaviour ok? and do not touch anything things that might be very valuable here ok?" I told her she nods "ok Nikki" she replies then trots off somewhere "Snowy keep an eye on her" I told the white dog he yips before following Zelda with Buddy close behind.


So now I was alone with the boy reporter.....

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