The black rose.

A young teenaged girl from another country had moved to Brussels, Belgium and befriends a young reporter but what he doesn't know is that she's hiding a secret.
Tintin@copyright Herge.


4. The movie.

"So.." Tintin starts rubbing his neck like a nervous school boy I get this kind of reaction a lot I stood there "maybe after we looked for some clues would you like to go to a movie later?" he asks, nervously *is he asking me on a date?* I thought. I thought for a moment "ok I guess having some time off wouldn't mind me" I replied he smiled "great I'll pay for the tickets if you want" he said in a kind of dorky way "Tintin you're such a dork" I said teasingly Tintin laughs he didn't seem offended by the remark.

I hope not I'll feel bad if it did "well looks like the old land lubbers finally got a girl" said a voice we turned noticing a man with a black beard I'm guessing this is the friend he was talking about "oh hi Captain I want you to meet Nicolette she's my new flatmate from America" Tintin says "its really nice to meet you captain err..?" I started. "Haddock, Captain Haddock lass" he replied "oh like the fish right?" I said "most people say that" he replies with a smile that moment Zelda comes in playing with Snowy awww ^^ Snowy yipping while chasing her I believe she's a relative?" the Captain asks I nodded "yes she is she's my younger sister she travels around with me I can't really leave her unless I have a babysitter she's a really good kid and well behaved but can be a bit of a devil at times" I added. "Surely she can't be worse than Abdullah that kid is a living hurricane" replies Captain which caused Tintin to laugh "you mean the son of Mohammed ben Kalish Ezab? from Khemed? I listen to things about him on the radio sometimes apparently he's really spoiled" I replied *most rich kids are, which is a shame* I sighed.


"yep that's the kid he stayed here once it was like living in a nightmare that would never end" the Captain replied I giggled a little "well I assure you my sister is nothing like he is but she can be slightly annoying but not all the time" I said. "Well I see you two are getting along well Captain may Nicole and I perhaps borrow you're library for research?" Tintin asks the old sea captain "on one of your adventures again I see? sure you can use it with your lady friend" replies Captain. "Thank you captain" Tintin replies as we then walk up the stairs while Zelda stayed downstairs and played with Snowy and Buddy. Tintin opens the library and I was astounded by so many books! "where should we start? there's so many" I asked I think we should start finding books about Syldavia that might give us some clues" Tintin suggests "good idea" I replied then we headed off to find books on Syldavia I looked in the 'S' section sliding my finger gently on the spines on the books.

I heard Tintin mumbling something I turned and notice him a few feet away from me he was looking through a book flipping through pages I then notice a book I pulled it out and blew the dust off coughing in the process it said the book dated back in 1906 written and illustrated by Jamie Jones I read a few of her books she has beautiful story telling. I read the cover 'the thief and the reporter' I was startled by the cover it had a picture of a raven haired girl and ginger haired boy the same coloured hair Tintin and I had! *It's just a coincidence* I thought the boy looked roughly around 17-18 years of age and dressed in a old fashioned reporter outfit the girl wore a blue dress like they do in 70's well since this dates back in 1906 its probably one of those old fashioned dresses woman used to wear.

I flipped the cover gently not to tear anything on accident I read the little blurb about 'Fifi, a young American girl at heart and thief lived with her parents and younger siblings two twins, Marco and Delouse. Arthur, a young French boy working as a reporter has a time of his life with his job no siblings, no parents only his faithful canine, Goddard. But when the two meet for the first time they're lives will never be the same'. It was such a coincidence as I glanced at Tintin reading the book while standing he was focused I looked down at the book and sat down at the table and start reading the book. *Chapter 1: the move, It was an early Sunday Morning 17 year old Fifi Williams was just finishing packing her luggage for the move to France. Her pet cat, Avalanche sat purring in the window Fifi smiles and walks over patting him she looks out the window seeing the American country side she sighs deeply "I'm going to miss this place Alva I'm sure you will too" she says stroking the cats back as he meows quietly.

Fifi couldn't help but smile "well I'm on my way to a new place and nothing but good times to have" she said as Avalanche jumps into her laps she giggles patting him. "Nicole.... Earth to Nicole you reading me?" says a voice I snapped out of the book and looked up noticing Tintin next to me he smiles warmly "oh sorry I was reading this old book I found the boy on the cover looks a little like you" I said holding out the book Tintin glances down and giggles "it must be a coincidence" he adds "that's what I thought" I replied. "The girl on the cover looks a little like 'you' just with longer hair" I looked down at the character Fifi she did looked a little like me Tintin was right "find anything? on the clue I mean?" I asked "well I did looked up some old addresses and it states the address is actually an abandoned factory it hasn't been used in decades it first opened in 1909 but closed down due to rat infestations it used to sell old milk products like cheese" Tintin says "wow no wonder why they closed it down I'm not really fond of street rats" I said.

"Right if I was a worker I wouldn't want to work in an rat infested factory either" Tintin replies I looked up and notice the time 8pm that's how long we were up here? I wonder how Zelda's behaving for the captain let alone Nester? "maybe we should start heading back down" I suggested to him he nods and places the book down on the desk. "so what kind of movies do you like?" Tintin asks "I love horror movies but I also love action, thriller, adventure and mystery movies too" "oh so your not a fan on romance? I quiet like those types" Tintin says "there's some I like not many though" I answered "oh so what type of movie would you suggest?" "perhaps horror or adventure what would you choose?" I replied. "hmm.. Perhaps horror I'm always in for a scream but I also in for some adventure I dunno I guess we should choose horror for tonight" Tintin replies.

*Good choice Tintin* I thought as we were surprised to see captain giving Zelda a piggy back ride Snowy yapping and chasing after them "them sea pirates are gaining after us captain what do we do?" asks Zelda "we sink there ship" Captain replied. Tintin couldn't help but smile neither can I they were playing a cute little game with Snowy "oh how cute Captain" Tintin giggles The captain turns to us he places Zelda down on the floor Snowy panting with excitement. "Have you found anything old sea lubber?" he asks "Blistering Barnacles!" Zelda cried Tintin laughs "yes we have the address that we found is actually an old factory which was closed down due to rat infestation speaking of which captain would you kind looking after Zelda while Nicole and I go out to watch a movie you seem to be having a good time with Zelda and Snowy" Tintin asks.

"She's my new first mate she's a wonderful kid course I would look after *he notices the book in my hands* ah I see you got a book there miss fan of reading?" he asks I looked down "oh uh yes I love reading books I love sitting in a quiet place to read them" "well I'll tell ya something I'll let you keep that book as a gift for our first meeting" Captain offers I was quite shocked about it at first then I smiled "really? you would?" I asked he nods "after all your Tintin's Lady friend" replies the Captain "thank you so much Captain" I replied. "Well have a good time land lubbers I'll look after this little angel" Captain says "see you soon Captain Zelda keep out of trouble" I said. "Blistering Barnacles!" Zelda replies as we were led out by Nester I will see you soon Tintin, Nicolette" says Nester "you too Nester" I said as we headed off down the footpath "wasn't that cute?" I started Tintin turns "what?" he asks, politely "how captain and Zelda were playing I couldn't stop smiling" I said Tintin smiles "yes it was quite cute I never really see that side of captain epically when it came to Abdullah" Tintin says.

I smiled as we continued down the footpath.



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