The black rose.

A young teenaged girl from another country had moved to Brussels, Belgium and befriends a young reporter but what he doesn't know is that she's hiding a secret.
Tintin@copyright Herge.


2. CH2: the mysterious man.

~~After hanging out at the Centre of Arts with the reporter Nicolette was led home by Tintin himself she had a good time with him and got to know him more. Turns out he is also an adventurer and travels around the world a lot with his companions and they get up to loads of mysteries and sometimes he gets into trouble sometimes along the way I giggled then I asked him “do you always get yourself into trouble on these adventures of yours and where have you been?” he smiled “well sometimes I do and your second question I’ve been to so many places like India, China, Egypt, the Congo, South America and of course I had some adventures here too” he replied his dog yipped beside him as he seem to nod his head “wow the only place I had adventures was in California where I was born” I replied. “Oh so you’re American? Fascinating culture they have but some Americans I met have bad habits or manners but you’re the most polite one I met” Tintin said blushing a little Snowy barked in a happy tone as he wagged his tail I blushed slightly that’s when I notice we were back at the apartment I could see Buddy/Bandit at the window chittering Tintin looks up and sees him and smiles “you’re raccoon is excited to see you” he says. I looked up and giggled seeing him “yes he is let’s go up and see him” I said as Tintin and snowy followed me up I opened the door and notice it was a mess *oh no I hope Zelda hadn’t caused any trouble while we’re gone* I thought that’s when I heard whimpering under the bed (Zelda’s) I looked under and notice Zelda hiding under there she looks up and was so happy to see me “Nicolette!” She cried leaping into my arms I noticed she had a black eye and a bleeding scar on her left arm “what happened?” I asked. Zelda shook with fright that’s when we heard Snowy growling and walking off “Snowy?” Tintin asks as he followed I fixed up Zelda’s hair before a shot ran out in the apartment “Tintin! Snowy” I exclaimed filled with worry I rushed out with Zelda and Bandit behind me I noticed a guy rushing out with a gun. There was no time to stop him something bad could’ve happened to Tintin or Snowy we turned a corner and that’s when we heard Snowy howling with despair and next to him was Tintin on the floor bleeding in the side that guy with the gun must’ve shot him on the way out I rushed over to him checking if he was still alive thankfully he was, he was still breathing. *Thank god for that!* I thought but Tintin was in pain and I have to get him medical intention before something bad happens.


Snowy whimpers worried for his owner as Zelda pats him trying to calm him "wait here I'll get some bandages and call the ambulance" I said to Zelda as Tintin held his side, grunting I rushed back into our room and fetched some bandage and some wet cloth to clean his wound. By now it was 7pm at night I grabbed the phone and quickly dialled the ambulance to come right away and rushed back out I kneeled down next to Tintin I took off his tan coat and pulled his shirt up a little so I can see how bad the wound was luckily it wasn't life threatening just a little scrape from the bullet (no bullet in his side). But it was bleeding badly I grabbed the wet cloth and cleaned the wound making Tintin groan with pain a little "sorry if it's a little cold" I said to him he faintly smiled "it's ok I've been through worse" he answers boy even in a bad situation he's smiling as he usually does what an odd boy. Thankfully the ambulance arrived just as I finished patching him up and they put him in one of those carrier beds and carried him off a janitor cleans up the bloody mess he caused Bandit, Snowy and Zelda followed me outside I stood next to him as he was being loaded into the ambulance van he mouthed thank you before they loaded him on and then they drove off.

Snowy sat there next to Bandit "Nikki is he going to be ok?" Zelda asks I turned and smiled and kneeled to her "yes of course he will he's in good hands now *I turned seeing Snowy* don't worry boy he'll be ok I promise and I guess I have to look after you when he comes out" I said Snowy Barked and licked my hand. I giggled I still can't get the image of the unknown man out of my head "Zelda the man who did this to you what did he look like?" I asked her I I don't know I blacked out before I could get a look at him" Zelda replied her eye was healing a little as it wasn't as purple as before. "we better get that fixed now come on" I said as we headed back inside.


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