The black rose.

A young teenaged girl from another country had moved to Brussels, Belgium and befriends a young reporter but what he doesn't know is that she's hiding a secret.
Tintin@copyright Herge.


1. the girl with the emerald eyes.

~~“Boarding Brussels airport passengers may place on their seatbelts as we are about to land” says a voice over the loud speaker I looked up and nudged Zelda, my little sister who was asleep “Zelda we have to put our seat belt on” I told her she yawned, got up and put on her seatbelt. I looked out and notice we were landing on solid ground again we went out into the airport and grabbed our luggage I was happy to see Buddy, my pet Raccoon come out of the luggage area. “Hey bud ya miss me?” I asked the male raccoon he chittered in response happy to see me to. I grabbed the cage he was in and carried him out I had him ever since our parents passed away in bloody murder so it was only just me, Zelda and Buddy living all alone I was 17 while Zelda was only 13 Buddy’s actual name is Bandit but I didn’t want people giving us a hard time of his name because they claim raccoons are thieves well to tell you the truth our family were thieves for many generations. Bandit was the last gift of my parents before the murder so we were left alone we didn’t had any other relatives to look after us so I took up the job.
I carried most of the luggage to a taxi and then I said in French “Excusez-moi (which means in English: pardon me) can you drive us to 26 Labrador road?” I asked “Vivez-vous dans une maison ou dans un appartement manquer?” asks the male taxi driver I looked up in the book I had on French I was trying my best to learn French as best as I can it meant Do you live in house or an apartment miss? In English “oh um yes I do it’s probably not far from here thank you” I replied. “You are welcome miss” the driver said in perfect English I blushed feeling like a fool “you’re French speaking is pretty good for a starter” the guy said as the two sisters stepped in the taxi car. “Th thank you sir” I replied blushing slightly “to Labrador Road” replies the man turning to the window and driving away I looked at Zelda who was asleep now with her arms wrapped around Bandit it was around 1:00 am, Wednesday on my watch. I never realised how tired I was until I simply fell asleep I was jolted awake as the driver said that we were at our destination I thanked the driver as he replied with a sweet smile and said have a good day after I paid him Zelda and Bandit walked beside me I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was looking and bumped into someone. I was alerted as the figure dropped some books “I am so sorry I wasn’t paying attention…” “That’s quite alright no harm done” said a male voice he sounded a little British sounding voice as I looked up after picking up some of his books he had a little wired fox terrier who was white as snow it looked really cute I patted it and continued picking up more books *this guy sure loves books* I thought. As we made it to the last book our hands touched as we were both reaching out for the book I looked up noticing the guy I was helping he was around the same age as me small blue eyes, blue sweater and brown pants up to his knees he wore white socks and brown dress shoes he had funny looking hair too it was up in a quiff and he had red hair. We blushed and looked away but I picked up his book and gave it to him he smiled “thank you I am so sorry I bumped into you it was entirely my fault my head was in the clouds again” I apologised the second time Bandit climbs onto my shoulders “Raton laveur” he giggled seeing him “excuse me?” I replied trying to not sound rude to a possible local. “It’s Raccoon in French we have them commonly here” he replied given Bandit a pet Bandit chittered in response he liked him “oh! Well I just came here by plane this is my little sister, Zelda my raccoon’s name is Buddy (I said his stage name instead of his actual name) my name is Nicolette we just moved here this morning” I replied acting normal.
The boy smiled again his smile is so cute! My heart raced “pleasures mine my name is Tintin this is my dog Snowy him and I travel a lot” Replies the boy shaking hands with me “oh you have quite a unique and cute name *I blushed as I realised what I just said I notice he blushed a deep red and sheepishly rubbing his neck I tried saying something else* is it a French name? *goddamnit Nicolette*” I replied “yes it is and I suppose you’re names French as well” he replied. “Well err yes it is my mother used to love France and (the mention of my mother cause to saddened the boy noticed this)” “oh is she?” he started I nodded as Zelda hugged her teddy “oh I’m sorry to hear that” Tintin replied “it’s ok my parents were murdered when we were little I was around 9 then” I replied the boy gave me a sad look as if he was feeling sorry for us “oh the world is harsh sometimes I became an orphan when I was only 4 I never knew my parents very much one day they were there the next day there gone” Tintin added. I was shocked to hear this who would abandon such a sweet boy like him? “Oh I guess we have something in common about our families” I said he smiled “I guess we do*he checks the time* oh its 3:30 I better get going it was nice meeting you maybe we can hang out sometime?” he says holding up his books from falling again “you sure you don’t need any help with that?” I asked him he gave a smile “no need I’m a busy reporter I can manage well I better go get a story I’ll see you around” Tintin replies as his dog yipped “well goodbye Tintin” I said to him “Goodbye Nicole you don’t mind me calling you that if that’s ok with you?” Tintin asks before heads off my heart flustered that was my dad’s nickname for me “u um sure Tintin I don’t mind my dad used to me that sure I won’t mind” I added “well goodbye I have a busy day I’ll see you again” the boy replies walking off his cute dog following behind him I sighed “such a handsome boy and a well-mannered one at that” I muttered but Zelda heard me “you have a boyfriend!” she snickers *evil little thing* I thought “he isn’t my boyfriend Zelda I hardly know much of him other than him being a reporter and being orphan that’s all I know now come on lets go into the new flat” I said picking up our luggage a lady greeted us at the floor she was a nice elderly lady “oh you’re the girl I spoke with on the phone right?” she asks I nodded “yep we’ll be staying here for now” I replied. The lady said her name is Mrs Finch and she showed us up to our room 25 “this is your room your neighbours with a young reporter such a nice fellow he is” Mrs Finch “*reporter? Is she talking about Tintin?* oh I believe we have just met him outside he was in a hurry is his name by any chance Tintin? And he owns a little white fox terrier?” I asked her she nodded “yes that’s the little fellow I was talking about I’m sure you two will be great flatmates” I giggled “I’m sure we will well thank you again Mrs Finch you were very helpful thank you” I replied she smiles “you are welcome dearie and make sure you’re little sister doesn’t get up into trouble*she says it jokingly*” as he laughs a little.
I smile “don’t worry I’ll keep an eye on her Mrs Finch she can be a little bit of a trouble maker at times but she is pleasant oh I’m mostly out at night you wouldn’t mind babysitting would you? She is pleasant to babysit you’d be surprise” “oh I would love to I’m not usually as busy as I am during the day so I’ll be please are you finding a night job?” Mrs Finch asks “oh I already got a job but thanks for asking good day Mrs Finch” I replied Mrs Finch smiles “oh ok good day child I hope you’re happy here” she says in a pleasant tone. She starts walking down the stairs *such a nice lady I grow to like her* I thought entering our new flat it wasn’t too big and not too small just in the middle, it had a flowery pattern on the walls too with blue paint there was one queen sized bed on one side of the room and a single bed on the other, there was bathroom, a telly and a radio and of course a kitchen “looks like we’re going shopping tomorrow guys” I said placing down my luggage near my brand new bed Zelda walks over and goes onto her bed as Bandit hops onto my bed and curls up and falls asleep. *Sleep well Bandit you’re going to need it for tonight” I thought as I started unpacking my luggage I grabbed out my thief outfit too I put it in a suitcase and hid it under the bed “do you have to go out tonight?” I heard Zelda asked I turned and smiled “don’t worry Zelda as soon as you’re 16 you’ll be a thief too before you know it” I said quietly in case if someone was possibly listening to our conversation. Zelda sighs falling into bed I giggled as I grabbed my purse “I’ll be a few minutes I’ll come back at 11 ok? Mrs Finch will look after you and so will Bandit I’ll see you soon” I said grabbing the doorknob before I turned it I heard Zelda say “you’re going to see your reporter boyfriend are you?” she said in a sneaky tone.
I blushed a deep red “no! I’m just going to the library that’s all now behave for Mrs Finch while I’m gone” I replied as I turned the doorknob and walked out closing it behind me I sighed *I hope she’ll behave herself* I thought as I walked down the stairs that’s when I heard two unfamiliar voices “hello Mrs Finch is Tintin home?” asks a voice “no sorry detectives he’s out at the library he’ll be back in a few minutes” I heard Mrs Finch reply *oh boy detectives* I thought as I started heading for the door I saw two fully grown men wearing the same hats and suits they both had canes on their arms “oh bother we were going to him there’s a new case for him to solve you know how he is” says one “to be précised we have a new case” adds another “what kind of case?” I asked from behind usually I mind my own business but I was curious the two detectives turned and saw me they were twins! No wonder why they sound alike! “It’s a top secret case miss and Tintin is going to help solve it he’s very good at solving cases you know” says one of the twins “solving cases? I thought he was reporter” “yes but he has a mind of a skilful detective you should read some of the articles on him and maybe perhaps his are you new here?” asks the other twin “yes I am I have met Tintin he said he was in a hurry carrying loads of books” I replied “oh ok I guess we can wait for him then” a twin said. “Are you friends with Tintin?” I added “you can say that in a way” one of the twins replied “well I best be off now I’ve got so much to do today well good day detectives” I said as I heard them say goodbye in reply as I headed out I looked at a map on the street for the library and headed to the library as I arrived I was greeted by the librarian that’s when I heard a yip and saw Snowy trotting up to me giving me a hint that Tintin was close by I giggled as I bent down and pat him he yipped and trotted off as if he wanted to follow me to follow him so I did and in a quiet area I recognised tintin’s hair behind a book until his dog barked as he looked up seeing me “oh hello again” he said with a smile. As the dog leapt up on a chair on the left of him and curled up and fell asleep “hello” I replied my heart thumping a little why does this happen when I’m around him? “Whatcha doing?” I asked trying to not sound too noisy “oh just looking for clues that’s all” he replied turning a page and looking for a page I sat next to him “I know this is kind of silly to ask but do you where the book for museums here is? If there is one?” I asked the boy looks up “follow me I’ll show you” he said placing his book down and leading me. We stopped at an isle and he found a blue book written in French “it’s only in French but I suppose I can read it for you would you mind?” “Of course I’m kind of new to French and also yes please” I replied the boy opens the book “Centre des beaux-arts” he read out aloud “excuse me?” I said politely “Centre of Fine arts that’s the translation in English” “and how far is that from here?” I asked trying to not sound suspicious “not far from here I can take you there if you want to if you’d like" Tintin says I would like that Tintin" I replied as the reporter smiles.

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