The Forest of Eyes and Shadows (Reincarnation Competition Winner)

Gwendolyn Rivers died in her sleep. This is her afterlife. As she races to get back the life she once had, Gwendolyn must face the wrath of the Forest, one very high-strung Grim Reaper, and a very peculiar Mad God all while coming to terms with the fact that nothing she had previously believed about the "afterlife" was true.
As it turned out, being dead was the least of her problems.
(Note: This is a prequel for Halo, but does not need to be read first)


1. Teaser

Life sucks-- and then, you die. That's just the natural order of things. At least, that's what we think the natural order is. But what if it wasn't? What if you died before you really even had a chance to live? What if somehow- someway- the natural order was broken? What if the cycle of life and death actually began with death itself? Or you could miraculously come back from death? What if death was reversible? What would you do? Oh, come on, you've asked yourself those questions before. Probably around 3AM on a restless night in the middle of some sort of "what am I doing with my life" existential crisis? It's ok to admit that you're curious- we all are, us mortals.

Well, you are in luck, my friend-- because a certified dead person is here to give you the answer.

Oh, but one quick thing before I do:

Welcome to The Forest of Eyes and Shadows. Congratulations on your death. 

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