Eu Te Amu

A daughter of Aphrodite sent on a quest? Well that's something you don't see everyday. She's not very smart or strong and all she knows is how to do is flirt. Will she charm her way out of this one?


5. The quest to find people for my quest (part 2)

We walked off to archery because our cabin was doing archery at this moment and found Elaine trying to shoot arrows at the target yet miserably failing. After she finished miserably shooting (lol) she noticed I was here and with Connor she walked up to me and wiggled her eyebrow at me. I looked down blushing and when I looked up I noticed Elaine was making a heart shape with her hands but the thing that made me laugh was that Connor had this full on confused look to his face.

"Stop thinking what your thinking Elaine" she laughed and said "never" 

After that I said "The Oracle's sending me on a quest and I want you to go with me"

"You going on a quest? Lol"  she said I hit her lightly and said "it's what the Oracle said" she nodded and said "it's a good excuse to get out of training" I laughed and she went to go tell her instructor she had a quest to go on.

Connor looked at me with confusion and said "what was that about? You know with all the playfully hitting" I blushed the color of my shirt (which was bright pink) and said "it was nothing" he looked at me suspiciously as if I were some kind of puzzle to him and then said "ok" Elaine came back from her instructor and said "I'm free to go , take me out of this jail" I laughed and we all headed to the dining pavilion. Once we were there I took out the piece of paper that had the Oracle's words on it.

"All I know is the first part , so we have to save Aphrodite"  everyone else nodded in agreement ,  after that Elaine read the next line "to find love themselves. I wonder what that means? Who will you fall in love with?" I just blushed and looked down and so did Connor. He couldn't possibly like me could he? I mean like he's been ignoring me.

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