Eu Te Amu

A daughter of Aphrodite sent on a quest? Well that's something you don't see everyday. She's not very smart or strong and all she knows is how to do is flirt. Will she charm her way out of this one?


6. The meaning of the oracle

"So we know those those two lines save Aphrodite from something, fall in love. What next?" Connor then took the paper from Elaine and read what it said next "go on a quest to save the heart" the heart , the heart it sounds familiar "I assume it has something to do with Aphrodite?" Then my brain finally found out what it was " I know what it is! Aphrodite has a little gem shaped like a heart it has some of her powers and if it breaks she will become weak and we won't have love anymore and Aphrodite will be forgotten"  They both kinda gasped at the last part.

"Ok the next line is , to save the world or end it. What does that mean?" Connor just laughed "it means either you'll save the world or end it" I just looked down disappointed he won't ever love me I'm not smart and I'm not strong I'm just some dumb Aphrodite kid *sighs mentally* Elaine then took the paper from me and said "let love guide and help you through this journey , guess that means you have to take people you love" yet again me and Connor both looked down blushing but this time our blushes were even redder or pinkish for that matter. Elaine just laughed and we all got up. 

"Connor you should pack essentials for our quest tomorrow and Elaine we will go back to our cabin and get you packed up" with that we waved goodbye to Connor and walked back to our cabin. "I think he likes you" I gave her this sad look "he probably doesn't I'm not smart or strong I'm just a (dumb , which I said in my head) Aphrodite kid. She laughed and said "sure , whatever you say".

We arrived back at our cabin and started packing.

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