Eu Te Amu

A daughter of Aphrodite sent on a quest? Well that's something you don't see everyday. She's not very smart or strong and all she knows is how to do is flirt. Will she charm her way out of this one?


9. My apartment

We arrived at my apartment and both of my friends looked shocked. I smiled and said "My home away from home" they laughed and I smiled at them.

"okay so let's get to work" I said "ugh who likes work " replied Connor  I laughed and said "Athena's cabin".

We spent the whole night eating popcorn and chocolates doing research but failing miserably. "I've still got nothing" Connor said with a frown and me and Elaine replied in unison "same".

 I groaned "it's already 2:32 am and we still have-" "I found something!" Connor said cutting me off. We both looked at the computer screen and he read. "The heart was recently stolen from Aphrodite's room. We are still trying to find the thief. We looked at the picture on the screen (picture on the next page) "that's the heart , let's go find it" We turned off all of our computers and planned where we wanted to head to first . Then all got rest for the next day

.                .                    .                  .             .

Srry for the short chapter -WiseGirl

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