Eu Te Amu

A daughter of Aphrodite sent on a quest? Well that's something you don't see everyday. She's not very smart or strong and all she knows is how to do is flirt. Will she charm her way out of this one?


12. Clue 2

"ugh why does Central Park have to be so huge" Connor complained "were not even sure this is the real park".

I just laughed and said "and you told me to calm down and don't complain earlier" that just made him blush. I don't think he was thinking about him calming me down in pretty sure he was thinking about what he called me.

We all sat down on the edge of the Central Park fountain. "I'm gonna go get some hot dogs for us to eat" I got up and got hot dogs.

I came back handed Connor his hot dog and our hands touched I blushed. I turned to Elaine and gave her the other hot dog and she winked. I started eating my hot dog while moving my hand through the water in the fountain.

I splashed Connor he smirked and said "it's so on" and he tried to splash me back but hit Elaine instead we had a splashing fight but then I noticed something.

"Guys stop for a second" they both splashed me and then stopped. I glared at them then stuck my hand in the water. I pulled a paper out with a waterproof cover on it off of the wall of the fountain.

This time I let Connor read the note "to find the next clue we go back to a vault where you find a special art"

I frowned "We have to break into the Museum"

They both gasped "this is just great" said Connor sarcastically. We all got up and headed for the car. Yet again we got stuck in traffic for another hour and it was torture.

We all literally sat in the same spot for an hour and just talked. I wonder if were ever gonna get to the museum.

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