Eu Te Amu

A daughter of Aphrodite sent on a quest? Well that's something you don't see everyday. She's not very smart or strong and all she knows is how to do is flirt. Will she charm her way out of this one?


1. Love is a powerful word

I was with my friends in our cabin gossiping about boys and who we think is cute , my best friend Elaine was doing my hair and asked me "Ella , who do you like?"

  I giggled and said " I think Connor Stoll is kinda cute" I blushed and looked down. Elaine jumped up and yelled to our whole cabin

"ELLA LIKES CONNOR STOLL!!!!!" I blushed again and said "could you say that any louder?".

She laughed and got down and I realized everyone was now gossiping about how I like Connor. After that I heard the conch shell blow and it was time to go to dinner. I turned to Elaine and asked "do I look ok?" She then teased me

"what are you trying to look good for connor?" I looked down sheepishly. She then laughed and we walked down to dinner.

Our whole cabin sat down and I kinda drifted into a love daze. I was watching connor stoll and his brother continuously laughing at a another boy they played a prank on.

After the boys finished there prank they both walked up to our table and in unison they said "hey lady's and hello to the gentlemen too" the boys rolled there eyes, I started blushing and looked down and the girls noticed me blushing so they all giggled. All the girls said in unison (including me) "hey boys".

After a while the boys started flirting with all the girls, but for some odd reason Connor was ignoring me he wouldn't even say hi.

It was time for us to head back to our cabins and go to sleep , so we said goodbye to the Stoll brothers and left. All the girls started gossiping about the boys but I just stayed quiet.

"What's wrong " said Elaine I sighed and said "Connor ignored me , I'm the daughter of Aphrodite and I can't even get Connor to talk to me" we stopped talking and we all went to bed.

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