Every Good Girl Needs a Bad Boy

The Bad Boy and the Good Girl... Such a cliche. But it's true good girls sometimes fall for the bad boys.... Will I? What will my parent's think? Want to find out? Join me.


2. Chapter 2

Ariel's POV:



I couldn't stop staring.


There was just something about him. He seemed like something else.


He had the most beautiful eyes I felt like I was getting lost in a sea of greens and blues. He is looking at me too. I wonder if he sees something special in my eyes. I am staring for what seems like hours but he doesn't look away. Like he is challenging me to look away first. *RINGG* I jump and turn to the front. I hear a faint chuckle from the handsome guy beside me.


"Ok guys I know it is only the second week of school but we just got a new student so I am going to let her come up and tell you about herself and I will pass out a review from last year that should be easy enough to get done with your table partner. Ms. Ariel please."


I stand and walk to the front.


"Hi I am Ariel. I use to live in Washington State but we moved out here I love to ride horses and sing and uh *I look around and stop on him* back in the city I always wanted to live somewhere in the country because my horses never had space to ride much and now we are here and my horses Midnight and Diamond have so much more space. I don't have a job other than my YouTube channel but some don't count that. I love making videos to make people smile or make their lives easier."


"Um yeah any questions?" A girl asks "Did you do your makeup?" "Yeah I did. It was for a video this morning and I planned it a few days ago." I say. "Wait so I can learn how to do that?" she says. Mystery man rolls his eyes. "Sure you can" I say. "Alright Ariel and Emily you can discuss that later. Lets get on with the review." Says the teacher.


I sit back down. And the papers are handed out. I see my "partner" put his name on the paper. Logan. I write my name like I always do, some say it looks like the princesses signature. Logan turns to me and we start on the paper. He seems really smart but from first glance you couldn't tell. He seems like a bad boy. But we are in the country is there such thing as a country bad boy?


We finish first. That usually happened in my last school too. I always get done early just because it is easy to me. The teacher said we can leave as soon as we were done so Logan and I grab our stuff and head to the cafe. I see some girls from my other classes and go sit with them they all seem like the nice kind of popular girls. Or maybe that is just because I am new... :"Did I just see you with Logan Andrews???" One asks. "Uh yeah we are lab partners." I say. "You are so lucky!!! He is so hot" another girl says. "But be careful he is our country bad boy as some like to call him..:


So that is a real thing....


I don't know we are just lab partners and he seems pretty smart. That is probably all it will ever be... Right?


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