Every Good Girl Needs a Bad Boy

The Bad Boy and the Good Girl... Such a cliche. But it's true good girls sometimes fall for the bad boys.... Will I? What will my parent's think? Want to find out? Join me.


1. Chapter 1

Ariel's POV:



I have gone to the same school since kindergarten. I'm 17 now and BOOM new school! All the way across the country for that matter. My old friends would call me the good girl. Trust me I am and I admit it. I have never been to a party, never had a drink, I'm a virgin and lastly I haven't even had a first kiss or a boyfriend.


Grades are really important to my family... I honestly don't try that hard and still have straight A's. The only social media I have is a "secret" Snapchat that my parents don't know about and a Instagram my mom follows me on.... Like I said I don't get out much. But hey it is one way to talk to my friends still. I am known for being that picture perfect popular good girl... But hey it's better than being called a future prostitute.


We moved from Washington to Tennessee. Yeah big change. My parents bought a beautiful huge house with stables in the back with get this 2 horses already!!! I love to ride and no one else doesn't but my older brother does sometimes. There is one black horse and one white one. Their names are Midnight and Diamond... pretty self explanatory to which one is which. I am going to take care of both of them. 


Back to the house. 


My parents are pretty loaded but most people don't know. They can probably guess by this house but still. My dad hired a service to unload all of our things and put them away. He sat there talking to each member of the company on video chat for each room... When they got to my room I told them to leave anything I put in blue totes for me to put away. So all they had to do was unload my clothes and my bed and those kind of things. I didn't stay around for everyone's rooms.


Our house is a 2 story house with a wrap around porch and a balcony connected to my room. The master bedroom was upstairs so my mom didn't want it because of her bad back making it hard to get up stairs for her. So she and my dad got the biggest room on the ground floor. My older brother wanted to keep his drums so he has his room in the basement with his drums and guitar. I got the master bedroom on the top floor, to be fair all of our rooms had bathrooms... Well Kaleb's doesn't but his is literally 2 feet away.


My bedroom is amazing I have a balcony lots of windows and the walls are a shade of darkish grey and my bed spread is maroon. I have my closet and my door on one wall and my bathroom on the side my bed is and a huge glass window with a door that goes to my balcony. I have a chandelier in my room. I also have every girls dream of a huge bathroom and walk in closet!!! It is so amazing!! Keep in mind my room is huge by the way.


Next to the  closet there is an area of wall with a white couch that is going to be my set up for my YouTube videos (yes I am a YouTuber). I add all my funny pillows to the couch and my fan's art to the wall (part of the blue totes). It should be plenty of room. My cameras were also in one of the blue totes so I get them out and put them on a table by the couch. I have 2 vlog cameras and 2 regular video cameras and my 2 ring lights one is for make-up videos and one for regular.... Christmas and Birthdays pay off lol.


I walk into my closet and open all the doors. There is a wall of just a mirror and everything else is hung up or on shelves or in drawers my shoes are on a rack. It looks like something out of a catalog. I had my closet set up by type of clothing. Like long sleeve, short sleeve, tanks, crop tops, dresses, etc. Everything looks good in here clothes wise. Now for the makeup. I asked for a huge all clear storage drawers for all my makeup  I have a ton. Most of it is stuff that has been given to me but a fair amount I bought. I have tested out so many brands for videos and got to keep all of them. It fills up fast...


After everything is in place I sit and take a breather... Crap it's Thursday I need a video for tomorrow. I grab my camera and go to my makeup area that is in the corner of the room near the couch. I grab the tray to gather makeup I need for the video. Walk in the closet and pick out the makeup I need for a video and put it down. I am going to add to my vlog too.


I grab my vlog camera and walk to my front door. I already vlogged some of my goodbyes and some of the car ride. I drove by myself in my car for some but we all stopped together about every hour and a hotel every 12 hours of driving. So like 9am to 9pm was only music vlogs and driving. "So you all saw the outside to my house this is the tour of the outside. All of our stuff was moved in and unpacked before we got here. So this is the main entrance.


~Skip all of tour~


Ending in my room.. " Thank you so much for watching make sure to leave a like subscribe to my main channel and the shout out of the day goes toooo Mya thank you so much for your support Make sure you see my main channel video for what I am wearing for the first day of my new high school!. See ya!" *ends vlog* Everything for my main video is set up I will start recording at 5:30 and I will have time to edit before school starts at 8:45. Plus my videos go up at 6 o'clock central time. That use to be 4 back home but that's how it works.


It's time for bed... I grab my pajamas and get to sleep.


I hear my alarm go off at 5:00. I am a night owl but I do kinda like mornings. I get in the shower and wash my hair and body. I dry off and blow dry my long ombre dirty blond hair. *recording* Okay so for my hair all I am going to do is help define my natural loose curls by lightly curling it in some places. *done with hair* Now for makeup. I am going to do a maroon eyeshadow and lip to match my skirt today. For foundation I am going to use my normal Ultra HD and blend that in. Some Maybelline concealer in light and go under my eyes like always. *did contor, eyebrows, eyeshadow* Last but ceartinally not least highlighter. I like to put this on last just because it seems like it pops more. Oh duh Lipstick I am using a matte maroon liquid lip kit. Perfect. Now for the outfit. *puts it on*  So for today like you can see I have some black tights on with a maroon skirt and a cream sweater. I hope you like my first day of school look! Thank you so much for watching and subscribe to my vlog channel leave a like and the shout out for today is the same as my vlog. It's Mya go check her out! Love ya byeeee! *ends video* 


Done and done. I grab my lace cream and black colored backpack and grab my keys to my Jeep and head out. My dad bought me a truck to use for my horses and cause ya know I live in the country now. I get in my car and drive to school. I already had orientation and I am good at making friends I should be fine. I go to home room and find a seat in the front with my name on it. I sit down and pull out my phone. *Ringgg* "Alright class we have a new student this is Ariel Page. Tells us a bit about yourself please"


I stand. "Well I am Ariel I make YouTube videos I love to sing I play volleyball and I use to cheer and I just moved here from Washington the State."  "Very nice" the teacher says. I sit and chat with some people around me for about 10 minutes *Ring* "Well there is the bell go to your next class"


I walk in to science and go to the desk I'm told. I sit down and again scroll through my phone. I feel someone sit next to me and I look up.


Then I see him...





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