A Darkness comes... they shall rise. Where there is light there will be Darkness. But, heroes shall rise above all to fight what is to come....


3. Chapter 2

Falcon Claw looked around to make sure that the Ying Group is not anywhere around. He looked around again and then takes a step closer. "I NEED that stone back!" He closed his eyes then started to run back to where he met the red haired girl.

LionHeart looks around the cave that she was hiding in and then closed her wings to where they very close to her back. She turned to gently touch her wings from tip to bottom and they slowly turned to dust. She grabbed a small glass jar that she had in her bag and collected the dust. "For Healing.... Others. She stepped outside the cave. The middle of the mountain... I can go a bit higher if I want to, it is not so bad for a Fire Village... even though me and my mother... ran away. Hm... maybe it has to do with the stone I'm wearing... I think he is from the Ice Village... She shook her head to clear her mind. I need that Stone back! She started to run to where she meet the boy.

Along the way, she found a baby owl on the floor injured. "You poor thing... Here let me help you," She took out the glass jar and poured some dust onto the baby owl's wing. "There all fixed," In a matter of seconds the owl was able to fly. LionHeart grabbed the owl and helped it fly. "So long little one!" 

As she said that she heard a small twig break in back of her. Not even Falcon Claw that was hiding was able to hear what he just did. He ran and attacked her from the back. She just simply side to the side and hit him on the back with the handle of her sword. No need to hurt him. She thought to herself. "Ah!" Falcon Claw yelled out a small cry.

"Come on I didn't hit you that hard... Did I?" LionHeart asked him. "Ugh," Falcon Claw said. "Sorry... I don't want to fight I just want my stone back... I don't kill for fun like others do, I'm not that type of person... Even though I do play with people sometimes..." She said that last part as if she where talking to herself. "Sorry about that, I don't kill but, I do protect," She gave her hand out to Falcon Claw to help him up.

"A... thank you..." He said as he took her hand and got up. Fierce yet... kind. He thought. "Can I have my stone back?...." He asked her looking at the blue stone around her neck. "Ah! Yes!" She took the stone around her neck and was taking it off. "Ah!" She yelled as if something were really hot. "It... it... burned me!?" Falcon Claw didn't know what to do. He just stood there,

"You just don't want to give me my stone back, it's that right?" Her eyes went wide open. She waved her hands then coughed. "Ahem. Look, I don't know how important this stone is to you but, like you, that stone that you have belongs to me! I need it back! It was given to me by someone important in my life! I just want it back! If I didn't want it back then I would keep yours. But, I want it back!" She looked Falcon Claw with flames in her eyes. He backed away a bit. Then gave her a shaky nod.

She smiled at him knowing that he was scared of her. "Why don't you take it off of me?" He looked at him. She showed no fear to him. "Ok." He reached to the string and that is when it stung him. "Wait... this only happens if... if... it can't be... I can get hurt by it but, the owner is the only one that can.... no..." Her eyes went wide open. "Do you mean that..."

As they were getting their heads wrapped around the idea a hole started to appear under them. As the ground started to give away Falcon jumped to safety. He leaned forward trying to save LionHeart. But, their hands missed by an inch. Down LionHeart fell into the depts of the hole. She looked down making sure that she was able to see in the dark. "A rock underneath me?....A!" She placed her sword underneath her feet.

The boy under her hit her blade. She then jumped off his sword and made a landing. She smiled at him and he smiled back. He wore a loose white long sleeved shirt and a black vest over it. He had dark blue pants on and his black hair was messy. His red eyes were what stood out most in the dark. "Cold Darkness..." She smiled at him.


A girl with a long brown pony tail ran with at her side a boy with dark blue hair. "'Yeah we won't get caught!' Yeah right! Look at us now! Undine!" the girl said. "Shut your mouth and and keep running! Please? Mountain Rock?!" He yelled at the girl. "Alright! Alright! But, if we miss them it is all your fault! Ok?" The boy sighed.


The boy stood there.She is so beautiful there standing. Her hair... she is my little light..."Hey... I forgot you can be romantic even though you don't use it on her," a voice in his head said. Aw... Xii... come on... "Hm..." I am happy that she is my life even as a friend... He started to remember the time that he met her. He was only 6 years old and his other had past to the next world two years before when he was four. "Keep working! I need 10 pounds of diamond from you! Or no dinner for you!" His father yelled at him.

"I hate him," he had said after he left. He killed my sister and my mother! Ugh! "Woah! Easy boy, now" Xii had told him. "Hate is a strong word"... Hm.... "I forget that that he hates me since my mother died when I was born. He thinks I killed her..." He looked down at the floor. "He isn't that kind to you even though he is your... our father," Yeah... you have a point... and I'm glad that I've gotten used to you Xii, you know being in my head and all. "Yeah..."

"You know... we need to start training if we are going to train LionHeart...." And how are we going to that!? Run away?! "Yes! Let's run away and learn all there is to know and come back in 1 1/2 years," Xi said. Hm.. maybe. That night Cold Darkness escape his home and went out to travel to learn. About after a year of pure training Cold Darkness had to learn about their era.... "I will teach you everything I know from my era," Xii had told him. Xii and Cold Darkness became very close friends. Closer than before. Xii thaght him about modern weapons. How they looked like and how they worked. How sicence and math worked. How the stars were made.

And he told him his biggest secret...

After six months they went back home. They lived him cave nearby his fathers home, hidden by the leaves of the tree. Soon Cold Darkness turned 8.  That day he went outside to gather some hurbs to dry them, six months past. he was walking in the forest  singing a lulabye to himself and to Xii. "I wish to see this world through my own eyes... to calm the elders..." he stopped, in front of him laid a girl with short red hair in front of him.

Do you know who she is? "..." Xi? "Zaxer.... no," Cold Darkness had taken the girl in. She had a lot of cuts on her like she was in fight before he saw her. "Is he alive?" As soon as she woke up she she yelled, "AH! Don't! Leave them alone!" she started to cry. She hugged Cold Darkness and cried on his shoulder.

His face turned all red and his eyes had gone wide. "Sh..." He had patted her on the back trying to calm her down. "Everything is fine..." The rest of the day they had some chance to get to know each other. "Thank you... for taking care of me...." She got up and took off her coat that Cold DArkness had let her have. "Thank you for the coat... and- for helping me but... I really have to go now..." She went for the entrance of the cave. "Wait! Can you stay with me... please..."

She turned around to look at him in the eye. I haven't had this much fun in so long... "Please..." She smiled at him and nodded. "I see why not," She sat down and they started to talk more. "You know you need to train if you are going to live as an enemy of the Viod's you know... I can train you..." She gave a small laugh "I can do that and thank you for wanting to teach me I will take your offer." Ever since then they had been really close friends. They learned a lot togeher.

Just two weeks ago she had left him to find out more imformaion about the Ying Group also known as the Viod's Group. He shook his head as he started to go back into reality. "So they tried to kill you agina didn't they?" He asked her with a smile. "I should have know you where the one that did that... that hole," She changed the topic as if he just said nothing. "Hey! No 'How are you?' Or a 'What have have you been up to?'" He said the things that she mostly said when asking a question.

"Sorry... I just didn't know what caused it..." Out in the corner of her eye she saw a dark figure. She turned and took out her sword and attacked something to see that she attacked nothing. "What are you doing?" Cold Darkness asked LionHeart. "Did you not see that..." She looked behing Cold Darkness and the Dark figure was behind him.

The dark figure had a long dark robe on and had long black hair. She smiled and waved at her. 'Nice to see you again..." The person mouthed. How do I know what she just said?... LionHeart asked herself. "Ok..." "What?" Cold Darkness looked at her. "Nothing," She turned around to face a girl in front of her. "Hi!" "Ah!" "Nice battle moves you got going on there!" She had white hair tied in a pony tail. "Um... Hi," She gave her a small wave.

So she is acting again... Cold Darkness said to himself. "What is your name!?" The white haired girl asked LionHeart. "Shouldn't-I be asking you the same thing?" She asked peredenting to be timied. "Oh sorry! My name is Frost Wind!" She placed out her hand that way LionHear t would take it. "My name is LionHeart..." She looked behing Frost Wind to find a boy with green hair behind her. "Hi my name is Calm Nature..." He told her. "And my name is SunLight!" Behind him was a girl with yellow hair.


"Hey.. Kid," Out of nowhere a boy with blue hair came out with a girl that had brown hair. Falcon Claw looked behing his back and pulled out his sword. "Stay back!" He said to them. "Easy now big boy," The boy said, "My name is Running Water but, you can call me Undine. We want you on our team! Fate had chosen us to defend the people of Kirule from the Void! So can you join us?" Falcon Claw laughed and then smiled. "Sure,"


"Blah Blah Blah!" Cold Darkness said. "Last one up the hole is a Rotten Jamba!" He jumped up high and started without them. The others followed. LionHeart stayed and watched them leave. She turned back and saw the person with the dark robe again. She smiled. "I have a feeling I know who you are...." She closed her eyes and she was gone. She looked up and disapear to the top of the hole. A mintue later they were all up therte fighting who was first. "I was first!" "No I was!" "No you weren't!" "Clearly I was the victor!" "Um... guys... I was up here a mintue ago..." LionHeart said in a shy voice. Clearly acting. "Nani!" They all yelled but, not Cold Darkness. He just smiled.

Undine turned to them, "Um... Ahem. Who are you guys?" He asked them. "Oh! We are the chosen ones from the prophecy!" SunLight told him. "There are only four... Falcon Claw, LionHeart, Mountain Rock, and Running Water," He told her. "Yeah but, there are four lost tribes you know.... so you still need Cold Darkness, Frost Wind, SunLight, and Calm Nature," She said.

"Oh..." Undine said. "She has a piont..." LionHeart said. "There are also them," She pointed at the others. "Well, can you guys join us on our quest to save the people Kirule?" "Sure!" They all said together. "Wow, that was easier that I thought," Mountain Rock said.

"Oh... the hard part just began..." LionHeart said to herself.





Out in the tree, there was a person with a black robe on. She smiled as she looked down to the group. "So they have come back... at least one... the group isn't... yeah..." She took off her hood to revile a young face. Dark brown eyes and shoulder length black hair. She eyes were filled with joy and sorrow. She smiled. As the sun set she watched them go over the hill.

"I wish that I can..... No... I can't"

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