A Darkness comes... they shall rise. Where there is light there will be Darkness. But, heroes shall rise above all to fight what is to come....


2. Chapter 1

"We were born as twins, but, our birth broke our code..."  A boy with white hair said as he was standing in an endless void of dark.

"We were separated at birth... my mother took me to the Spring fields, since I was fire, like her, there, she gave me a beautiful red stone," On the other side of the void of darkness was a girl with short red hair.

"My Father took me to the Winter Lands, he gave me a beautiful blue stone there, things were a well... but..." The boy said

"Hey! Have you heard of the Legend of the Chosen Ones!?"


"There is a legend"

He sighs "Of four Chosen ones"

"Eight" She corrected.


"Look Falcon Claw! There has always been eight!" "What do you mean!? There are only four tribes!" "You mean eight!" "Eight!?" "Four are long forg- I have to go....." "Wait! Don't leave me- Same..."

There is a legend, there are eight chosen ones. One from each tribe

Fire, Ice, Rock, Water, Sun, Shadow, Wind, and Nature shall come together and save them all from the dark!


A boy is running through the snow. His snow boats keeping him above the deep snow. "Get him! He is getting away!" A voice said clearly getting angry at the fact that a kid is out running them. I can't go any further than the middle of the mountain, I HAVE to lose them there! OR I might die in the heat!

A girl smiles as she looks behind her back, as she does this she jumps up and does a small dive and spins around as she gets wings. She starts to fly close to the ground. Her red hair flowing with the wind. To the middle of the mountain! Any more than that I will freeze to death!

As her hair covered her eyes she bumped into someone. Their necklaces fell off them. She made eye contact with the white haired boy. "She is somewhere here! Lion... Come out!" The red haired girl grabbed her necklace and left running. The boy shook his head and grabbed the other necklace that was left on the floor and ran. I promised my father that I will run away and find her! He grabbed his necklace and then his eyes went wide.

I swore to protect them! I swore in front of my mother! She then looked down to where her stone was. "Wait... this isn't mine...."

"My Stone!... Ugh... She must have it...... My father told me to look for a girl with the heart of a Lion... what does even mean?.... Well, I won't be able to find that person if they find me" He was on top of a tree looking down to a group of people with swords and bows and arrows.

He then looks up at the sky. He sighs. "I wish I could go back to that time and save him...."

Deep in his memories, there was once an innocent boy in the forest training with his father. "Remeber! Courage! Honor and Respect!" The man was saying. He had an iron sword on his hand and was wearing a blue cape. He had brown hair with some white hair on it. It was just a few months ago... and back then I was innocent... here I am now running away from the killers of my dad... The boy's father showed him a deadly move. "Two swings from the front! Then a swing to the side.. then you trick them into thinking that you were going to attack from the back!" He then attacks from the front again. "See-" He trails off as he starts to look around the small clearing they were training in. "Fa-" The boy's father but his arm out, "Sh!" He closed his eyes then opened them quickly. "Promise me that you will find the girl with the Heart of a Lion! Promise me!" His eyes were full of regret and sorrow. "I Promise! What is going o-" His father kicked him into a bush that was near them. "I'm sorry son..." He ran to the other side of the clearing and yelled. "I Know you are out there!... I hope I hid him fast enough..." Out of the trees, three men come out. They were wearing dark blue clothes and mask. One of them had a huge scar on his eye, it ran along his whole face missing the other eye by a centimeter. He smiles at the man before them. "The Void wants you DEAD!" He then pulled out his sword and attacked the boy's father. They all faught so fast that even the boy wasn't able to see their moves. But, after a few minutes, his father laid on the floor dead. The man with the scar took out a ball that was black and placed it on top of his father. He turned and looked for something. "Find the kid! We need him DEAD!" The boy slowly backed away and made a run for it. "GET HIM!" He was able to run away form that chase. But, was left a lot of scars. 

Ever since then I have been hunted down by them! The killers of my father. Ever since then I have learned so much more than what I have ever learned with my father. He gave up his life for me... Over the past months, I have learned that they work for The Void. Times ahead are harder...

      "That story... that Legend... There will be... four... In reality, there are eight, one from each tribe, Fire, Ice, Water, Earth, Shadow, Light, Wind, and Nature; they shall form a team and save us from the Darkness ahead...

"Each generation before us had a name that was a bit a like from ours... LionHeart's mother name was LionHeat... Falcon Claw's father name was Falcon Cloud... Their names were mixed combinations until there were names LionHeart, Falcon Claw, Running Water, Mountain Rock, Cold Darkness, Sunlight, Frost Wind, and Calm Nature.

"Our Ancestors give us our name, our real name when we become 13. Before we are given our real name we are called by the name our parents gave us. At age 13 we go on our mission and receive our real name from the help of our ancestors... They help us speak with the gods. But, ever since the first chosen ones, before us, the gods gave them these stone necklaces to them, that was 100 generations ago. But, now.... finally the team has been called again to protect their people from the Darkness ahead.

"For my name is LionHeart!"

"My name is Falcon Claw!"

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