Forbidden Love


2. Time for a swim

[WARNING: This is where it starts to get explicit]


Cassie and I made it to the pool. It was really hot out so the water would feel nice and cold. I smiled as she looked a bit scared to get in. I tilted my head curious on what was wrong "What's wrong Cassie?". She stood there frozen for a little while before looking up at me "I-I...........dont know how to swim......" My eyes widen at this, I assumed she knew how to swim because of what I was used to. "I uh.......could stay in the shallow end with you if you want?" She looked into my eyes and smiled lightly, then to lean in a give me a kiss on my cheek. I started blushing and decided to change the subject. "D-did you put sunscreen on?". She stood there and thought for a second. "Um......everywhere except my back, could you do it for me?" She gave me an innocent smile. "Oh.....uh, sure!" I smile and put the lotion type of material on my hands before starting to rub it into her fur. I blushed as I worked for my hands lower towards her large and plump rear. I quickly stopped after having done her waist. I wiped my hands off and smile nervously. "O-Okay ready to get in?" I waited for her to answer as it looked like she was trying to decide something. She then smirked and pulled me down close to her with our snouts only inches apart. She then gave me a long a passionateite kiss on the lips, it was a french kiss. I could feel her tongue swirling about my mouth playing with my tongue. My body started to get hot, really hot. She rubbed the outside of the bottom piece of my bikini. This made me moan lightly, i was melting like butter for her. She slid her hand under and started playing with my moist entrance. I gave into the kiss and started to do the same thing back. She pulled away and smiled at me again "How about we take this to the pool~?". I was blushin hard, by body was hot and needy right now "B-But we're in p-public.....". She smirked taking one of my breast in her hands "More of a reason to do it~" She then dragged me off into the pool isolating us in a corner. She slipped off her bikini and mine. She started with the kissing again as she slowly slid one finger into my tight, moist pussy. I moaned within the kiss as she started to finger me. As she was doing this she grinded herself against my leg for her own pleasure. After about 10min of this we both came. We were panting as we got out and started heading home. Before we went home she ahd some ideas of her own. First we stopped somewhere to eat where she contnued to toy with me. She had me sitting on her lap as my bottom piece was slightly pulled over for her to continue pleasing me. She'd have much more in store for me when we got home. After the food came out she forced me to cum onto the food, she did as well. I wasnt too sure where this was going to lead, i also wasnt sure if id like it or not. For now i played along blushing as i ate the food wed just came on. After that we went to the store. She went into and Toy Store As i waited for her return. Id no idea she'd stuck a sign on my back before she went in. A rather attractive looking male walked past and noticed a note saying Free Use He smirked quickly taking me where we could not be seen. It was all a blus before i realized what was happening. "Someone wanting some fun~?" The stranger said to me. "Wh-what are you talking about?" He held up the sticky note with a smirk. "I-I didnt know that was on me!" My eyes were wide open, it was cassie's doing. "Well i think you still owe me something~" He approched me causing me to back up a little before hitting a wall. He grabs my arms pinning my to the wall. "Dont worry, ill go easy on you because i can tell this is your first time~" He pulles his pants down about halfway reveiling his 9in erection. He pikked at my dripping wet entrance making me moan lightly before sliding himself all the way in. Cassie could smell where i went and leaned on a wall to watch the Activity. She went up to the male "Please do hurry hun, we've got things to do~". She smiled giving his ass a slap before graping his sack giving him stimulation. He then soon came deep inside of me. "D-damn you........" I was out of breath and unable to walk right now. "I hope you plan on cleaning her out." She gav the male a demanding tone. "O-Of course" He looked a little afraid as he started to eat me out cleaning his seed out of me. I moaned as i came all over his face. Then we were on our way home with cassie holding me in her arms, a large black back in one hand, and i quickly fell asleep.

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