Forbidden Love


1. The Move-In

My mother wakes me up early in the morning telling me someone had come over. I got dressed and rushed downstairs to see who it was. I saw a bit surprised to see the new girl in my school, she was from a different country and I guess my mother decided to sigh up to house a foreign exchange student. " what is she doing here?" I didn't really remember her name because we didn't really talk much, even though she spoke English from where she came from. "She will be staying with us while she attends your school sweetheart". I wanted to say something, but I didn't want to look rude to her. She looked up at me with her emerald green eyes and I blushed a little and looked away. I wasn't sure what had happened at that moment. She finally spoke up "My name is Cassie". Cassy, huh. that's a rather nice sounding name. "Im crystal" I replied with a warm smile. "Crystal can I talk to you?"  My mother seemed eager to tell me something. "What is it mother?". SHe gave me a stern look and I sighed coming down the stairs  "Oh and you'll be sharing a room with her".  I grumbled lowly as if things weren't bad enough, a new person in the house and now I had to share a room with her? I might even have to sleep on the floor. My mother leads me into the kitchen and looks straight into my eyes  "Look, I don't want you to have any kind of sexual Relations with her. Understand?".  My eyes widened and I blushed a bit more "M-mom how could you even think of that!?". My mother gave me a doubtful look as if she knew what was going through my head "I-I'm interested in guys........okay...". My mother rolled her eyes  "If that's what you saw sweetheart". She then sent me off upstairs, I walked into my room to find Cassie going through my pantie drawer "H-hey! S-stay out of there!" I blushed madly as I tried to stop her and saw her pick one up sniffing it. I snatch them from her hand as I saw a blush cross her face. I could tell she knew what I needed. She smiled and hugged me "I'm sure we'll get along great!" Her tail wagged looking down at me. She was actually very tall looking about 6ft tall. where I was only 5ft and 8in tall. "Y-Yeah r-right....." I quickly put my stuff back into my drawers but moving them all to one side. "You get the other side, okay?" She nodded still smiling. She started to unpack her things and I offered to help but she kindly refused m offer. "Alright well, ill be downstairs if you need me okay?" She nods again as I exited the room. I started to fix up some breakfast for everyone. Bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast. I was the best cook in the house so I made every meal I could. I could hear Cassie start to wander assuming she was wanting to get a feel for the house. After about 30min of making food both my mother and Cassie were at the table waiting for breakfast. "wow that smells really good!" Cassy exclaimed as she could smell all the yummy food that was being made. Soon all their plates were full and everyone was eating happily. I went upstairs after finishing my food, Cassie finished hers so my mother took her plate and went off to do the dishes. I went out back to the garden after getting changed so i didn't ruin any of my good clothes and started tending to the flowers and such. Cassie came out and watched me "So you like to garden?". "well it's something to do to pass the time" I smile as I watered all of them and went to spray them with bug killers and weed killers. The garden was beautiful and basically perfect. "Well that's true I suppose, I normally draw in my free time". "Oh? You can draw, Cool" I looked over and smiled at her. "Well let's go back inside, it's rather hot out today". She nodded and followed me inside. "You maybe wanna go to the pool later?". "A.....pool?" Where Cassie came from it was naturally cold and there were no pools to swim in because they'd be frozen year round "You've never been to a pool!? We have to go, right away". She looked a bit shocked from the sudden outburst "O-okay.......B-But I don't have any swim ware to use". That made me think a little bit "We look about the same size, you could try one of mine on" I smiled taking her hand and dragging her to my room. I locked the door and opened my closet. I found a nice cyan looking 2 piece which was great for her because most her fur is black. "Try this one on" I smiled handing it to her. she blushed and stood there with it in hand "O-Oh sorry, ill turn around" I turned around and heard her start to undress. I fought the urge to turn around and look at her and waited for her to say it was okay to turn around "I-its a little tight around the hips, y-you can look now" She was blushing as most her body was exposed. My eyes widen at this sight. "you look great! and that's alright, you'll wear it eventually. Now let's go!" I take her hand about ran out of the room "Oh wait.....i still need to get changed" I look through my closet and find a black 2 piece. "Perfect!" I start getting changed forgetting she was in the room for a second. I hear a small sound that was really cute and turn around to find her face fully red. "O-Oh sorry" seeing as I was halfway changed i decide to hurry and put the top on. I smile and take her downstairs running past mom telling her were were going to the pool. I heard her call out behind us  "Be safe and have fun!"


(What will happen next? Well if it's liked ill update it so give this story a like and comment if you'd like me to update it :3)

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